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Can Facial Liposuction Fix “Chipmunk Cheeks”?

puffy cheeks

While most people will visit a cosmetic surgeon to increase fullness in their facial features, some have the opposite problem of having too much natural fullness in their cheeks. If you have so-called “chipmunk cheeks” and want a slimmer profile, what’s your best option?

Facial Liposuction Benefits and Risks

Liposuction can accomplish impressive body contouring and does absolutely have the potential for helping to define the face when used with caution and by an   opens in a new windowexperienced cosmetic surgeon.

However, treating the cheeks is an especially difficult and risky target zone for the liposuction cannula. In this area, there are concerns about dimpling, indentations, and contouring irregularities that may result in a problem worse than that of unusual fullness. Additionally, removing this fat at a young age has the potential to result in a prematurely gaunt, aged appearance as the patient grows older.

Often, the fullness in a patient’s cheeks is caused by genetic fat distribution, not an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. In fact, round cheeks could actually be the result of an unusually well-developed facial muscle and not a fat deposit it all.

As an alternative solution, light liposuction around a patient’s jawline can help to balance facial contours and bring features into greater harmony.

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