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5 Tips to Eliminate Spider Veins for Good

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These photos show the effectiveness of laser vein treatment.

Though spider veins and varicose veins are often an inevitable part of growing older, there are a few steps patients can take to prevent them from worsening or even stop them from developing in the first place. Varicose veins and their smaller cousins, spider veins, cause many patients embarrassment and make them want to cover up their legs and thighs.

As people age, valves that regulate blood flow in the legs may weaken, causing blood to back up and collect; this phenomenon causes veins to enlarge and become varicose veins, visible at the skin’s surface. Spider veins are caused by problems with valves in the veins as well as hormonal fluctuations, UV exposure, and even injuries. Here are five ways to lessen the appearance of spider veins and keep your gams looking gorgeous at any stage of life.

1. Avoid Long Periods of Sitting or Standing

Preventing existing veins from worsening is best achieved by improving circulation. Try to avoid sitting or standing for long periods without taking a break. For instance, on long-haul plane flights, be sure to “get up and move about the cabin” to help improve blood flow in the extremities. If a job requires constant standing, be sure to take regular breaks to sit. If possible, elevate your feet when sitting.

2. Don’t Cross Legs While Sitting

Though ladies love to delicately cross their legs when sitting, this position limits blood flow to the legs and can worsen existing varicose or spider veins. In order to achieve optimal blood flow, patients should focus on having good posture and avoid restricting circulation in the legs due to pressure caused by crossing the gams. Miss Manners will surely forgive this lapse in gentility when she discovers its aesthetic benefits.

3. Elevate Feet While Seated

The circularity system must fight gravity when regulating blood flow to the legs and feet since feet spend nearly all their time on the floor while the rest of the body is upright. In order to make up for this disparity, patients should elevate their feet while seated whenever possible in order to take some of the burden off of the circulatory system and shorten the vertical distance blood must travel. Make use of an ottoman or simply put feet up on the couch to improve blood flow and prevent existing visible veins from worsening.

4. Low Heels Instead of High

Though fashionistas won’t want to hear this, high heels may be the root cause of those unappealing spider veins. While the goal of lofty Louboutins is to make legs look long and lovely, those same sky-high heels may be creating varicose veins that will steal the thunder of even the most stunning stilettos. Walking in high heels causes decreased contraction of calf muscles compared to wearing flats, and when calves do not fully contract, less blood travels up and out of the legs. This problem leads to increased venous blood pressure in the legs and puts stress on valves that regulate blood flow in the legs, leading to varicose veins.

5. Vein Treatment

Unfortunately, once spider or varicose veins develop, the tips above can’t improve their appearance. While patients should focus on prevention, there are excellent solutions to correct unsightly veins that have already developed. Laser vein treatment from a med spa can close spider veins and remove their sources of blood flow. Without blood, the closed veins eventually “die” and then disappear entirely. Patients will find freedom to show off their vein-free legs in shorts or skirts without suffering embarrassment due to ugly spider veins.

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