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Why the Best Breast Enhancement May Not Be Implants After All

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Mention the phrase “breast enhancement” and nearly everyone will assume that you’re talking about going bigger. Yet, the best breast augmentation results may not come from implants at all. The ultimate goal of any cosmetic procedure isn’t to get stuck on one specific surgery, but rather to find the option that will bring out all the best aspects of your unique body.

For Women with Large Breasts

Larger-breasted women rarely want to go even bigger when it comes to breast size. However, a breast reduction, often combined with a lift, can offer beautiful, flattering results. Women who are interested more in reshaping than going significantly smaller may be good candidates for breast reduction with liposuction, while reduction surgery can remove excess glandular tissue as well as fatty tissue.

For Women with Ptotic Breasts

Ptosis, or visible sagging of the breasts, often goes hand in hand with a more generous breast size, and can become more apparent following other lifestyle changes such as pregnancy or weight fluctuations. In many cases, women with ptotic breasts aren’t interested in adding volume, but instead just want to improve the shape and placement of their natural breasts for a perkier, more youthful profile. A breast lift is ideal for recontouring the existing tissue.

Achieving Beautiful Results

The primary focus of any breast enhancement should be on bringing out the best qualities in your existing assets. Sometimes this means adding extra volume with implants, but may mean going smaller, lifting, or reshaping breasts instead. Ask your plastic surgeon about all the options that are available to find the best way to meet your cosmetic goals.

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