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Breast Augmentation Breast Implants

Breast Implants and the Effect on Body Image

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According to many studies, almost 350,000 women in the United States had breast augmentation surgery in 2007, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the country to date.

For most women, enhancing breast appearance can be a positive step that helps to boost confidence levels, improve body image, increase self-esteem and even affecting sexual satisfaction. However, breast augmentation also comes with certain responsibilities, like understanding the pros and cons of breast implants beforehand as well as having the right amount of self-awareness going into it.

The Emotional Journey of Breast Enlargement

Most of the women who choose to get their breasts augmented through surgery are honest with themselves about their intentions and understand that breast surgery is about improving their body image so they’re happier with what they see in the mirror.

Keeping realistic expectations about getting breast implants is critical to feeling satisfied with your results. 

That said, there are certainly prospective breast augmentation patients who believe that getting breast implants is about more than cosmetic appearances. Any women who believes that breast enlargement will have an impact on her job satisfaction or happiness in a romantic relationship is putting unrealistic expectations on the procedure and will likely end up disappointed in her results.

Breast Surgery and Body Image

For most women, body image is closely tied to how confident they feel about themselves and their level of self-esteem. Different women have different reasons for choosing breast enhancement surgery. Some want to increase their breast cup size while others want to decrease it, and some women get breast implants to restore the fullness that they once had before they lost weight or gave birth.

A study conducted in 2007 to investigate the relationship between breast implants and self-esteem showed that the participants of the study had considerably higher self-esteem after the surgery than they had before. A group of 84 women were given questionnaires to complete before and after getting breast augmentation surgery. More than 80 percent of the participants showed significantly higher levels of self-confidence after the surgery, even though they didn’t exhibit any self-esteem issues beforehand.

The results of this study indicate that breast augmentation surgery has the potential to increase a woman’s body confidence considerably. However, even the most natural-looking breast implants can feel like a major commitment. No matter how many women have seen positive effects after breast augmentation, getting breast implants is an incredibly private decision that should be made solely for (and by) you and you alone.

Also, it’s important for women to go into the procedure with their eyes wide open and not have unrealistic expectations about the results. Speaking with your plastic surgeon and asking questions beforehand is a great way to make sure that you’re making the right decision for yourself.

Breast Implants after Having Children

Most women who’ve had children know that pregnancy and breastfeeding can deflate the breasts. However, you don’t have to settle for saggy breasts anymore, thanks to breast enhancement surgery. While breast implants can’t improve the position of your breasts, combining breast implants with a breast lift can be a great way to get your pre-pregnancy body back fast.

Today, many women are taking that concept one step further and are getting a full mommy makeover: the combination of breast enhancement surgery plus body contouring like a tummy tuck, liposuction or both. Mommy makeover surgery is intended to address the primary problem spots women notice post-childbirth to help them regain their pre-baby figures.

Getting Healthier after Breast Implants

Women who have breast enlargement naturally tend to feel a lot better about themselves and their bodies after the surgery, which often leads to positive changes in their overall lifestyle as well. Additionally, most women want to make the most out of their cosmetic surgery investment by taking care of themselves and their appearance afterward. This often translates to adopting a healthier lifestyle, eating better, moving more often and cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes so they can feel as great on the inside as they look on the outside.

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