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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Your 50s and Beyond


Breast augmentation is not only for young women. In fact, women in their 50s and beyond are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits of breast augmentation as they seek out ways to age gracefully. While some mature women may think that a facelift is their best option when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance, you may be surprised at how much adding fullness to your breasts can affect your overall figure. Here are some factors to keep in mind when planning a breast augmentation later in life.

Replace Lost Volume

Many women lose some of their natural breast volume as they age. Weight fluctuations, past pregnancies, nursing and the effects of gravity can all combine to create a deflated breast appearance. By restoring lost volume with breast implants, you can take years off of your figure with a perkier profile.

Consider Including a Breast Lift

Women in their older years often benefit from including a breast lift with their augmentation. Because breasts of any size tend to sag with age, a breast lift combined with breast implants may be the best approach for creating your desired results.

Get Clearance from Your Primary Physician

While undergoing breast augmentation in your 50s or older is perfectly safe for healthy women, there may be some concerns regarding your body’s capacity to undergo surgery without complication. Let your general physician know that you’re considering breast augmentation and inform your plastic surgeon of any concerns your physician may have. It is particularly important for older women to have a mammogram prior to surgery to rule out any breast tumors.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

Getting breast implants can provide a welcome boost to your figure at nearly any age. However, it’s important that you recognize the limitations of any cosmetic surgery. While breast augmentation can enhance your figure and create a more youthful appearance, the procedure can’t turn back the clock entirely.

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