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Become a New Man in 2020 – 4 Investments in Yourself

Investments in Yourself

The new year is one of the best times to reinvent yourself, or make the improvements you’ve been putting off in your life. Whether this is finally the year that you’re going to get in the best shape of your life, get your smile fixed, or improve your wardrobe, 2020 is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Discover four ways men can reinvent themselves for the upcoming year.

The way we spend our money says a lot about the way we live our lives. While it can be fun to recklessly make new purchases, many people end up with a garage full of junk they’ve accumulated over the years. By choosing to invest in actions and treatments that lead to a better version of yourself, you’re truly using your money to create a better life.

Certain decisions are more than just boosting your look or enhancing your lifestyle – they’re a major step toward a better life. Consider the following ideas and how they can be used to help you become the best version of yourself in the coming year.

  1. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

    How much do you think the clothes you wear matter?

    According to a survey by Men’s Warehouse, nine out of ten Americans find well-dressed men to be more attractive than they actually are. This lends new truth to the old saying, “the clothes make the man.”

    This doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw away your jeans and spend thousands on new suits. Upgrading your wardrobe can mean different things to different men. Here are some examples:

    • Men who typically wear sports or print t-shirts can buy some polos or button downs.
    • Men with a style that’s a bit dated can add some fashionable clothes to their wardrobe.
    • Men who have never cared about their looks can experiment and buy outfits they like.
    • Men who typically wear plain clothes can add some accessories and newer options.

    Whatever enhancing your wardrobe means to you, it’s worth the time and money to buy clothes that improve your look. As the study showed, the right clothes can actually add to your attractiveness, so finding those options is well worth the effort.

  2. Commit to a Strong Fitness Plan

    There’s no better action you can take for your mind and body than committing to a fitness plan and following through. From the chiseled, toned look it provides to its antidepressant advantages, exercise is nature’s greatest medicine, and for best results, we have to make a habit of it.

    Many Paths to the Same Goal

    The great thing about fitness is there are numerous ways to make it happen. Perhaps you dabbled in tennis when you were young, and want to commit to entering a tournament as an adult to test your skills. Maybe some of your best friends do CrossFit and are always inviting you. Ultimately, the way you choose to get into the fitness habit is 100% up to you.

    Taking that Crucial First Step

    Anyone who’s been in and out of the workout habit can tell you that taking that first step is the hardest part. Here are some tips for making bold moves  towards your fitness goals:

    • Visit local gyms and decide which to commit to for 2020.
    • Try the trial period of different workout classes and pay for one you like.
    • Join a team and make it to all the practices and games with a desire to win.
    • Take lessons in a sport or activity and commit to mastering it in the coming year.
    • Commit to friends who workout and show up every time they do.

    When it comes to reinventing yourself, a consistent fitness plan will yield the most benefits for your effort. What better way to invest in yourself than learning to love exercise again, and showing the world a fit, chiseled version of you?

  3. Fix Your Smile For Good

    Even if you haven’t given much thought to your teeth, other people notice them and make judgements based on how your smile looks. For example, studies have shown that your smile can affect everything from dating prospects to chances of being promoted.

    With cosmetic dentistry growing in popularity, there are useful treatments to benefit every smile. Here are some of the options that are in highest demand:

    Porcelain Veneers

    For men with minor problems with their teeth, including chips, cracks, discoloration, and other issues, porcelain veneers may be the key to overcoming all of these problems at once. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that bond with the front of each tooth, adding strength and vastly improving their aesthetics.

    While not a cheap procedure, veneers are the ultimate cosmetic treatment, and the secret to the Hollywood smiles of many A-list actors. If you want to learn more about how porcelain veneers can give you the look you’ve always wanted, simply find a dentist who provides them like Dr. Shaylar Hatch in Mesa, AZ. After your consultation, you’ll have a better idea of the timeline, financial requirements, and whether you qualify for the treatment.


    If you have crooked teeth and always wanted to have them straightened out, Invisalign may be the ideal option for you. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners that are virtually invisible to onlookers. With advantages in comfort, functionality, and ease of use, it’s no wonder why Invisalign has quickly become one of the most popular treatments. To get started, simply talk to a dentist who provides the treatment, like Dr. Robert McCoy in Glen Mills, PA.

    In-office Teeth Whitening

    While you may have seen whitening products in stores, teeth whitening from a dentist is far more potent. Popular brands of in-office whitening include Zoom!, KOR, and GLO, and all of them promise to brighten your teeth by multiple shades in a short time.

    You can expect an in-office whitening session to take less than an hour, and some of the effects will be noticeable immediately after your treatment. To find an ideal time for your teeth whitening treatment, just find a dentist who provides the service, like Dr. Steven Haywood. Note that many dentists also provide a take-home option for teeth whitening as well.

  4. Take Action to Keep Your Skin Fresh

    Let’s face it – it’s not considered manly to use cleansers on your face. For most men, occasionally rinsing off in the shower is the extent of their skin care routine. But if optimizing yourself is the plan for next year, then it may be time for a fresh new look at your skin and how to improve it.

    Is It Time to Take Better Care of Your Skin?

    If you’re of the age where crows feet and wrinkles start appearing, using a facial cleanser for men can help a lot. If you’re still in your 20’s, taking action now can prevent signs of early aging in the future. Even if it just means buying and using a facial cleanser on your face, this simple investment will make a noticeable difference in your appearance.

How Will You Improve Your Life in 2020?

From getting in phenomenal shape and changing your diet, to finally getting the treatments you’ve always wanted, the path to improving yourself looks different for everyone. The new year presents an opportunity for change, and only by making strong decisions that break your old habits and create better ones, can you experience the change you truly deserve.

Become a New Man in 2020 - 4 Investments in Yourself
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Become a New Man in 2020 - 4 Investments in Yourself
A new year is here and with it, the opportunity for positive change. Discover four ways men can make upgrades to their look in 2020.
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