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Is Side Boob the New Cleavage? How Breast Implants Can Deliver

Woman at the beach wearing a white bikini with side boob breast implants.

Most women consider breast augmentation when they want to increase the size of their breasts, adjust the size and shape of uneven breasts, or replace breasts after breast cancer. However, a new trend is finding many more women considering a breast implant.

What is this new trend? Side boob is the new cleavage, and many women are looking for ways to achieve this trending look. The good news is breast augmentation can deliver the results you are looking for.

What is Side Boob?

As the name says, side boobs are the subtle appearance of the side of the breasts showing when you wear dresses, bathing suits, and open shirts. While many women are blessed with natural cleavage, breast augmentation surgery can help those that need a little extra shape to achieve a very natural side boob appearance.

How Does Breast Augmentation Deliver Side Boob?

Breast augmentation adds volume to your breasts, and, in many patients, this can help to create the desired side boob. However, every person is different and achieving that side boob begins with what your body starts out with. Some important factors that play a role in creating side boobs include:

  • Existing glandular tissue and your individual breast anatomy
  • Where your breasts are located on your chest wall and how they sit on your torso
  • The location and width of your breast base
  • The placement and dimensions of your natural breast crease
  • Your body weight and your natural breast skin

As you consider breast augmentation for side boob, other factors will come into play. These can include:

  • The size of the implant
  • The distance between your breasts and nipples
  • Your skin health, including firmness and laxity
  • Which breast implant placement option your surgeon uses
  • How much body fat you have

Choosing the right implant profile and thickness is essential in achieving your side boob goals. For instance, if you have little body fat, an implant that is too thick for your body structure or an implant placed above the muscle, can result in a side profile, or side boob, that shows the edge of the implant. This is probably not the desired look you are going for.

Make Sure Your Surgeon Understands Your Goals

If you are considering breast augmentation to achieve side boobs, it is essential that you talk with your surgeon and explain your goals. Pre-operative planning and the techniques used during surgery are important in order to create the look you want. Knowing what you hope to achieve will help your surgeon recommend the best implants and procedures for your individual needs.


Is Side Boob the New Cleavage? How Breast Implants Can Deliver
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Is Side Boob the New Cleavage? How Breast Implants Can Deliver
Side boob is the latest trend but not everyone can achieve this naturally. Pacifica Center explains how breast implants can help you achieve this look.
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