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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

6 Myths about Nose Jobs You Shouldn’t Believe

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How much do you really know about rhinoplasty? The nose job is a highly popular plastic surgery procedure that can provide relief from both cosmetic and functional issues. If you’ve ever thought about having a nose job for any reason, it’s important to separate the rhinoplasty facts from the myths that don’t quite get it right.

Myth #1: Nose Jobs Are So Obvious

This popular nose job myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, there certainly are examples of unfortunate-looking rhinoplasty results out there. The reality, though, is that you have probably seen plenty of people who had rhinoplasty and you never even knew. A good nose job should be integrated with your features so that its size and shape are harmonious with the rest of your face. A nose job that results in a plastic, fake or pinched look is not an ideal result.

Myth #2: Anyone Can Have Any Nose They Like

Getting a nose job is not like picking out a new car. You can’t just say, “I’ll take that sporty one.” One rhinoplasty fact that’s especially tough for some people to swallow is that there are limitations to what can be achieved through facial plastic surgery. Everyone has different dimensions and proportions. A plastic surgeon has to work with what you have, and some transformations are simply not possible or would look very unnatural. While you may admire a nose that looks very flattering and proportionate on one person, know that their nose might not look as fantastic on you.

Myth #3: Only Celebrities and Wealthy People Have Nose Jobs

Another misconception floating among the rhinoplasty facts out there is that only very rich or famous people have nose jobs. While it’s true that many celebrities have had rhinoplasty (even if they don’t admit it), most plastic surgeons do rhinoplasties for everyday people more often than they do for TV personalities or movie stars.

Myth #4: It’s Vain to Want Rhinoplasty

First, not all rhinoplasty procedures are done for aesthetic reasons alone. Rhinoplasty frequently combines form with function, with many people opting to have a small cosmetic enhancement at the same time they are having corrective work done on their nose or sinuses.

Rhinoplasty can correct issues of size and symmetry, and can help to treat some breathing problems.

Second, it’s quite inaccurate to assume anyone seeking a cosmetic change is vain. The desire to have a more balanced or refined look is completely understandable. Wanting to look your best is perfectly healthy and normal.

Myth #5: Any Plastic Surgeon Can Do Rhinoplasty

A nose job is far from a simple surgery. Quite the opposite, in fact. As one of the most difficult plastic surgeries to do well, rhinoplasty is an intricate, delicate procedure that requires a very detailed understanding of nasal and facial anatomy.

The most important part of getting a great result from a nose job is choosing the right plastic surgeon to do it. Just because rhinoplasty is offered at a plastic surgery practice does not mean the surgeons there have the credentials to ensure your best results. Do your homework and only work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial aesthetics and reconstruction.

Myth #6: Insurance Often Covers Rhinoplasty

Actually, the opposite is true. Insurance companies usually do not cover rhinoplasty because it is generally considered to be an elective surgery. If you have a nose job to correct a functional issue, though, your insurance plan may cover all or some of the procedure. Some non-cosmetic reasons for rhinoplasty include a deviated septum, chronic nasal congestion and other breathing problems. You can ask your insurance agent if this is a possibility in your case.


6 Myths about Nose Jobs You Shouldn’t Believe
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6 Myths about Nose Jobs You Shouldn’t Believe
Trying to separate rhinoplasty facts from fiction? Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Waleed Ezzat of Boston busts 6 common myths about getting a nose job.
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