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4 Survival Tips for Summer Breast Augmentation

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You have made the decision to have breast augmentation and are planning your summer recovery. While you are no doubt excited about showing off your new breasts and curves, summer recovery requires some special care to ensure your recovery goes smoothly and you have the end result you desire. Following these four summer breast augmentation tips will help encourage proper breast augmentation healing and recovery.

1. Limit Time in the Sun

The summer months are full of sunshine, warm weather and summer activities like picnics and days out at the beach. The first thing you may want to do is show off how your new breasts fill out that new bathing suit. However, now is not the best time to expose your new breasts to the sun’s rays.

Exposure to too much sun before you’ve completely healed can increase the risk for scar discoloration. In addition, scar tissue is more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays, making it more prone to burns. If you have a day planned out in the sun, be sure to cover up, stay in the shade and apply sunscreen.

2. Swimming Must be Limited

Swimming is a summer favorite for most everyone. While wading in the water is okay at any time, you should take precautions before swimming after a breast augmentation. Avoid submerging your breasts in the water until all your incisions have healed and your plastic surgeon gives the all-clear.

While swimming in a pool at this time is acceptable, you may be advised to avoid oceans and lakes until later in your recovery period in order to prevent infection. When the time is right, be ready to show off your new breasts and your new swimsuit and enjoy your time in the water.

3. Keep Yourself Cool

No one likes to sweat. Unfortunately, the high temperatures during the summer often cause excess perspiration. While this usually is nothing more than an inconvenience, sweating during breast augmentation recovery can actually increase your swelling and bruising and slow down your recovery.

Staying cool during your summer recovery is essential. Resting inside with the air conditioning or a fan will help keep you feeling comfortable and promote better healing.

4. Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

After any surgical procedure, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is essential for your recovery. This is especially important during a summer recovery. While summer BBQs and eating out is common, the food choices are not always the healthiest. Try and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to fuel your recovery.

Hydration is equally important, especially during the summer months. Excessive heat can leave you feeling dehydrated. Be sure to always have a water bottle available and drink throughout the day. In addition, limit how much alcohol you drink during hot weather. This can increase your risk of dehydration and can impair your recovery.

4 Survival Tips for Summer Breast Augmentation
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4 Survival Tips for Summer Breast Augmentation
Dr. Drew Davis from Folsom, California offers four summer breast augmentation tips to follow during your summer breast augmentation recovery.
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