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4 Pretty Great Perks to Intima Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

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When it comes to cosmetic treatments, people tend to focus on specific areas: the face, breasts, stomach and skin in general. But what about your more intimate parts?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation gives women the chance to make changes that they have long desired but have possibly been afraid to voice. And unlike many other treatments, this isn’t strictly cosmetic. Take a look at some of the many benefits of vaginal rejuvenation to help you decide if it could be right for you.

1. Intima Laser Rejuvenation Can Reverse Signs of Aging

Signs of aging are seen throughout the body, including the vulva and vagina. Intima laser rejuvenation can reverse these signs to improve appearance and function.

Over the years, your body has no doubt gone through a lot of changes, from childbirth to weight fluctuations and more. All of these, plus the general aging process, can change the way your vagina and vulva look and function. Laxity, urinary incontinence, dryness and even reduced sensation are commonly experienced by women. Intima laser rejuvenation can help to address all of these issues, helping women reclaim a part of themselves they might have felt they lost.

2. Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Be a Big Confidence Boost

This one might sound odd at first. After all, changes to the function and appearance of the vagina and vulva aren’t something anyone but you and your intimate partner will notice. But many vaginal changes do have a serious impact on how you feel about yourself in general.

For example, urinary stress incontinence can leave women afraid to leave their homes without wearing extra protection in case they sneeze. Dryness and loss of muscle tone can cause discomfort that feels bothersome and distracting. Correcting these issues through Intima laser rejuvenation can help women feel better about themselves even outside of intimate moments.

3. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Is a Med Spa Procedure

This means that it is quick, non-invasive and has little to no recovery time. Considering that most of the concerns that this procedure treats would otherwise need to be resolved through surgery, this is a major benefit of laser vaginal rejuvenation. While the specifics of laser treatment will vary between women, it usually requires four or fewer sessions to get maximum results. Each of these sessions usually takes just 15 minutes, and there is no downtime after.

4. Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Enhance Sexual Pleasure

While not every woman considering vaginal rejuvenation is struggling with sensation and sexual arousal, many are. This is because natural lubrication tends to decline as we age. This not only leads to reduced sensation and pleasure, but can make intercourse painful.

Another issue that tends to come with aging is vaginal laxity. This tends to be due to loss of muscle tone, but it can have a significant impact on female sexual pleasure. Getting a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment could address both of these problems, thus helping you achieve a more rewarding sex life.

Of course, not everyone will be a candidate for this procedure. To learn more about how laser vaginal rejuvenation might benefit you, schedule a med spa consultation.


4 Pretty Great Perks to Intima Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation
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4 Pretty Great Perks to Intima Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation
The team at Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa, Florida explain some benefits of vaginal laser rejuvenation, including some you might not expect.
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