Feminine Rejuvenation

Labiaplasty for Torn or Enlarged Labia


While it’s certainly not a top 5 procedure at our practice, labiaplasty is a good choice for more women than you might think. If you have enlarged labia due to genetics or torn labia often resulting from childbirth, you are certainly not alone. And if you are considering cosmetic surgery to reshape this most sensitive area, you aren’t alone either.

We are experienced in performing labiaplasty along with vaginal rejuvenation surgery to re-tighten vaginal muscles. Even today, many women remain uncomfortable discussing these issues with their significant others, let alone a doctor or other medical professional. But there’s no sense in remaining self-conscious if you can get help through a simple conversation. Oftentimes, the most difficult part of labiaplasty is just overcoming the stigma that some women feel about discussing it.

  1. Enlarged labia are generally the result of genetics – the fact is that some women have larger labia majora than others.
  2. Larger labia may cause uncomfortable rubbing and in many cases cause women to feel self-conscious in intimate settings.
  3. Torn labia, often following pregnancy, can also cause discomfort and may decrease sexual satisfaction.

Our team of doctors and staff are utterly discreet, and you can count on feeling comfortable discussing your concerns with us. Our only goal is to help you improve how you feel, and we welcome you to contact us for a private consultation.

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