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4 Plastic Surgery Myths that Need to Give Up the Ghost

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Any time something seems mysterious to the average person, it is subject to myths and urban legends. This includes plastic surgery.

For a long time, cosmetic procedures were seen as the domain of the rich and famous, and that meant most people had little to no experience with it. Whenever there is a vacuum of knowledge, there is room for myths and rumors to flourish.

Plastic surgery is no longer exclusive to the privileged few. Despite this, there are still a few falsehoods clinging on. To help you sort fact from fiction, here are four common plastic surgery myths 

1. Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons Are the Same

Have you been tricked by plastic surgery myths? Here are just a few you should stop believing.

While plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are both qualified to perform cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeons are also extensively trained in reconstructive surgery. This means that plastic surgeons can assist with functional problems as well as aesthetic ones related to congenital anomalies, developmental abnormalities or physical trauma.

While neither is inherently better than the other, you will want to choose a surgeon who can offer the level of care you need. 

2. Getting a Procedure Done Means Breaking the Bank

The myth that plastic surgery costs an arm and a leg is most likely hanging on because at one time it was true. Today, plastic surgeons are able to offer more affordable treatment in a variety of ways. These can include financing options, discounts, payment plans and more. But one of the biggest game-changers has been the introduction of non-surgical procedures.

Non-surgical treatments can achieve results similar to those from plastic surgery, but at a lower cost and without the need to take time off from work. With so many options available, cosmetic enhancements are now accessible to pretty much anyone.

3. Plastic Surgery Is Only for Women

More and more men are getting plastic surgery than ever before. While women still make up the majority of patients, men are opting to enhance their looks surgically and through med spa treatments. In fact, there are many procedures that are almost exclusively performed on male patientsopens PDF file

Common procedures for men include rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and liposuction. With image being more important than ever before, men have been opting for enhancements to compete in many industries or simply to refresh their looks.

4. Plastic Means Perfect

While this myth is understandable, it is very much a myth. The truth is that plastic surgery does not deliver perfectly airbrushed results. While plastic surgery can address many aesthetic concerns, certain concerns may not be fully corrected, such as deep cellulite. Furthermore, you may have scars left behind in order to produce the results you want.

Plastic surgery can be transformative, but your expectations should be realistic. Surgery and med spa procedures are meant to enhance your appearance, not create a brand-new person.

Doing your research and debunking plastic surgery myths can make you a more informed patient for when you get your own procedures done. Remember that the best candidates for plastic surgery are knowledgeable ones. 

4 Plastic Surgery Myths that Need to Give Up the Ghost
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4 Plastic Surgery Myths that Need to Give Up the Ghost
What plastic surgery myths do you still believe? Dr. Francesco Campanile of Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver busts some of the most common ones.
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