3 Signs You Might Consider Lipo

Eliminating Unwanted Fat

Consider Lipo There are a lot of reasons that liposuction is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery procedures. If you’ve ever wondered if you might benefit from this body sculpting surgery, here are three signs you might consider making an appointment.

  1. You’re at Your Target Weight

    If you’ve worked hard to reach your target weight and have maintained it steadily for several months, yet still notice that your body isn’t the profile you’d prefer, liposuction can help. While there’s no way to control exactly where weight is lost during dieting efforts, liposuction offers the precision necessary to fine-tune the body, accentuating what’s working in your figure and smoothing away what isn’t.

  2. Your Problem Spots Are Definitely Problematic

    It’s totally normal to have a few problem spots here or there, even on an otherwise fit and healthy body, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. These areas linger on in places on the body that are virtually impossible to address through targeted exercises, like the back, love handles or upper arms. Liposuction can contour these hard-to-reach areas where exercise can’t reach.

  3. You’ve Noticed Facial Weight Gain

    Although used frequently for contouring the body, lipo is also a great solution for facial contouring around the neck and jaw, two more places that just can’t be toned through diet and exercise alone. Excess weight under the chin and in the upper neck can make you look heavy even after you’ve reached your target weight, and may make you look prematurely aged as well. Liposuction can help your face look younger and thinner.

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