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Breast Augmentation

Is “Scarless” Breast Augmentation a Myth?

breast-augmentation-los-angelesThe fear of scarring is a common one, and is often cited as a reason that women choose not to go ahead with breast augmentation. Yet, as surgical techniques become more and more advanced, is this still a valid concern? Is “scarless” breast augmentation possible, or is it a myth?

Surgical Strategy

Until we reach the Star Trek-like levels of medical science where everything can be healed without ever breaking the skin, any form of surgery is going to leave a scar. The extent of the scar depends a good deal on your surgeon’s skill and his or her surgical approach.

During breast augmentation, surgeons have a few options for minimizing the appearance of incisions enough to render them virtually invisible after healing. Placing the incision in the underarm rather than on the breast itself is one popular solution. Alternatively, many surgeons perform breast augmentation using a very tiny incision that runs along the border of the darker skin of the areola, which drastically limits visibility after healing.

A New Approach

Another option for breast augmentation doesn’t require incisions near the breast area at all. Fat transfer breast augmentation involves removing fat cells via liposuction before transplanting them into the breast by injection. The incisions used for lipo are typically just a few millimeters long, and so small that they often don’t require stitches, and the injection process leaves a mark that at most resembles a freckle.

Whatever method you decide will work best for your breast enhancement, you should know that, although scarring concerns are normal, the body heals so thoroughly that most scars heal to nearly invisible after some time has passed. However, fat transfer augmentation remains an option that offers true lack of scarring.

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