Tummy Tuck

3 Post-Tummy Tuck Exercises to Try

Tummy Tuck

After your tummy tuck, you’ll most likely want to get back into your workout routine as quickly as possible in order to maintain your results. In fact, the best candidates for tummy tucks are those who are already in fairly good physical shape and elect to undergo the surgery to treat problems that cannot be corrected with exercise alone. But when easing back into your exercise routine after a tummy tuck, it’s important to take it slow and honor what your body can handle as it heals.

  1. Walking

    Light walking is the first physical activity that you should engage in following your tummy tuck. For the first week after your surgery, you can limit walking to just around the house to help promote blood circulation and a faster recovery. After the first week, you may wish to engage in one or two walks per day around your neighborhood.

  2. Low-Impact Cardio

    After the first month to month and a half of recovery, you’ll be ready to start some low-impact cardio. If you go to a gym, use the treadmill or elliptical regularly to keep your blood flowing and get your heart rate up. If you prefer outdoor activities, try some light jogging a few times a week.

  3. Weights

    Once you’ve reached the six-week mark after your surgery, you should be ready to start on some light weight lifting. Take care not to overexert yourself, as this can be harmful to your tummy tuck results as you heal. It’s best to start with upper body and leg strengthening weights, progressing gradually to simple abdominal exercises as your body grows stronger.

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