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Breast Augmentation

3 Common Questions Unique to MTF Breast Augmentation

Transgender woman trying on blouse and looking in the mirror at home.

There is a ton of information out there regarding breast augmentation, but when it comes to MTF breast augmentation, there aren’t as many resources to get the kinds of answers you need when initially considering your options. Consider these MTF breast augmentation popular questions before scheduling your consultation.

How is MTF Breast Augmentation Different from Traditional Breast Augmentation?

While the basis of breast augmentation is the same for both procedures, there are some subtle nuances that differentiate MTF top surgery from traditional breast surgery. Many transitioning women and gender non-binary individuals have smaller nipples and areolas that are positioned more on the outer portion of the breast, and their inframammary fold is typically farther apart than cisgender women.

These differences require more specialized training and planning from your plastic surgeon to ensure that you get the best outcomes possible. A qualified plastic surgeon with experience in MTF breast surgery will take into consideration your nipple size and placement, your space between the breasts and your ultimate goals for results and apply specific techniques during surgery to help you achieve the best outcomes.

Transitioning women, especially those taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), can often have uneven breasts or may benefit from fat transfer to help make their new breasts more natural-looking. An MTF surgeon can identify these needs and come up with a custom treatment plan.

If I’m Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy, Do I Have to Wait to Have MTF Top Surgery?

If you are currently taking hormones, you may be advised to wait a certain amount of time before getting breast implants. Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting at least 12 months after starting HRT before having MTF top surgery. This should give your body enough time to adjust and help your plastic surgeon work with a stable breast size.

Many individuals wonder if they need to stop taking their hormones for a specific amount of time before, during and after surgery. Before your MTF breast surgery, your surgeon may recommend reducing or stopping your estrogen intake as it can increase your risk of blood clots. The majority of patients are able to resume taking their original dosage once they are fully healed.

Can I Have MTF Breast Surgery Without Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Every trans woman and gender non-binary individual can have very different journeys to feeling more like themselves. When this involves MTF breast surgery, some may be taking hormones like estrogen to achieve a more feminine appearance.

Estrogen stimulates natural breast and nipple growth and encourages the tissue and skin of the chest to grow naturally over time. Estrogen can help the skin stretch to support size, which can help to provide more space when breast implants are placed.

That being said, there are times when the individual does not wish to use HRT, or the health risks are too great for them to add extra hormones to their system. The good news is that HRT is not a requirement when having MTF breast surgery. A plastic surgeon experienced in MTF breast augmentation can work with you to help you achieve your body goals.

However, depending on your current chest appearance and your goals, your breast surgery may require multiple steps. Staying on the smaller side can produce a more natural look for those not taking HRT, but if you want larger breasts you may need tissue expanders to help stretch the skin before proceeding with your breast surgery.

For many, MTF breast augmentation is an important step in helping them feel more in line with their gender identities. Finding the answers to your questions can help you feel more confident in knowing what to look for when searching for a plastic surgeon.


3 Common Questions Unique to MTF Breast Augmentation
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3 Common Questions Unique to MTF Breast Augmentation
Plastic surgeon Dr. David Dellinger of Austin answers 3 popular MTF breast augmentation questions that are unique to MTF top surgery.
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