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2 Must-Haves for the Best Plastic Surgeon

Best Plastic Surgeon

It’s often difficult to determine which plastic surgeon is the best one for your needs. Cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical spa procedures are becoming increasingly popular, and in most areas of the country there is no shortage of surgeons vying to be your personal plastic surgery practitioner. So, how exactly do you choose a surgeon best suited to your needs? There are two determining factors worth considering before you make your decision.

  1. Board Certification

    One of the easiest to spot and most important qualifications your plastic surgeon needs to have is a board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Technically, any licensed physician is permitted to perform cosmetic surgery, but only those who are ABPS certified are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties as head-to-toe plastic surgeons.

    Board-certified plastic surgeons have completed years of post-doctoral plastic surgery training, giving them the advanced skills necessary to perform a wide range of surgical procedures.

  2. Experience and Proficiency

    Experience is everything, and finding a plastic surgeon who has been in practice long enough to develop proficiency in specific procedures is important. Rather than settling for a physician who only performs plastic surgery occasionally, choose an experienced surgeon who devotes his or her work entirely to plastic surgery and cosmetic alteration.

    Even if a procedure seems straightforward and uncomplicated, it instills comfort and confidence when you know your plastic surgeon has years of experience performing the exact procedure you’re having done. Subtle technique variations can have dramatic results, and your surgeon needs to understand the nuances inherent to your procedure.

    When in doubt, a thorough consultation is a wise decision. During your consultation, you can not only discuss the details of your desired surgery but also learn more about a surgeon’s credentials. It’s a great idea to meet with several surgeons and develop your own personal opinion of who will be the best fit for your cosmetic enhancement.

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