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What Causes Sagging Breasts

Sagging Breasts

As you stand in front of the mirror with fond memories of a perkier chest, you may be asking yourself one question: Why? Luckily, there’s an answer both to your curiosity and exactly what you can do about it. Life’s natural progression may have left you longing for the past, but the future is filled with possibilities.

Leading Factors of Ptosis

The main three factors that lead to breast sagging, also known as ptosis, are pregnancy, aging tissue and the relentless force of gravity. Here’s how they work:

  • During pregnancy, the expansion of breast tissues for nursing, followed by their subsequent deflation, often leads to breast sagging. This may appear directly after or take some time to materialize.
  • The perky and firm appearance of youthful breasts is maintained through connective fibers, such as collagen and elastin. As time goes on, these proteins begin to deteriorate, compromising the structural integrity of your breasts in the process.
  • The constant downward force of gravity takes a toll on all of your body over time, particularly after connective fibers begin to erode. Eventually, this combined force leads to sagging and drooping in your breasts and other areas.

Perking Up

If your main concern is sagging, then a breast lift can do wonders in restoring the youthful appearance of your chest. Breast lifts involve the tightening and removal of skin around the breast envelope, leading to improved nipple placement and restoring perk to your breasts. If gravity has you feeling down, then the breast lift is there to help pull you back up.

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