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Why You Should Treat Yourself to Sculptra®


Sculptra® is the new injectable cosmetic treatment in town, and with it comes quite a few amazing benefits to help update your look. If you’re due for a bit of self-care and pampering, here are just some of the reasons why Sculptra® injections should be on your list.

Look Years Younger

While hyaluronic acid fillers like JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® can help to smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles while also adding some extra volume, Sculptra® is unique in that it takes a more long-term approach to anti-aging.

Sculptra® contains poly-L-lactic acid, which helps to stimulate your skin’s natural production of collagen, the protein responsible for the firm structure and smooth contours of youthful skin. This protein, however, begins to diminish as we age.

By increasing collagen production, Sculptra® can help to restore a younger look and feel to your skin, no matter your age.

Get a Boost from Behind

Sculptra® isn’t just for your face. This injectable has recently become very popular for its use as a nonsurgical alternative to butt lift surgery. While it won’t produce the dramatic results that only surgery can, Sculptra® can offer a modest boost in volume and a smoothing effect on dimpling and uneven skin texture.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

To date, the longest clinical trial testing the effects of Sculptra® for anti-aging purposes lasted 25 months and concluded that Sculptra® can last 2+ years. However, because of its unique ability to trigger collagen production in your skin, Sculptra® has the potential to last 5+ years for many people.

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