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When Is Lipo a Man’s Game?


While women frequently turn to liposuction to zap away those love handles and the infamous bra bulge, lipo is now more than ever becoming a man’s game as well. So when is liposuction right for modern men, and where can it help the most?

A Competitive Business World

One reason liposuction is so popular among today’s men is because of rising competition in the business world. Like it or not, much of how we perceive people is influenced by their looks, and corporate types often view younger, fitter and more attractive people as more successful, ambitious and competent. Some men feel that liposuction gives them that extra edge in the workplace, maybe even nudging them closer to that promotion or a higher annual raise.

Masculine Definition

Chiseling a man’s body with liposuction is very different from creating the feminine curves of a woman’s body. Liposuction is commonly used for  opens in a new windowmale breast reduction to sculpt a firm, masculine chest. The fat-reducing procedure can also be applied to the abdominals, etching definitive lines between the abs to showcase that hidden six pack.

Bottom-Line Benefits

While men and women may value accentuating different places, there are also many commonalities between lipo for men and women. Neither gender likes the infamous love handles, pockets of fat that around our stomachs that can cause embarrassing bulges. The area under the chin can also be treated to reduce a double – or triple – chin.

Where diet and exercise fail, lipo just might be the answer, helping men look sexier and more masculine, whether in the boardroom or on the beach.

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