The Secret to Celebrity Weight Loss? It’s Not Liposuction

celebrity having photo taken

In America, there’s no royal family that represents the top echelon of society – celebrities hold that distinction on this side of the pond. Americans are fascinated by everything celebrity: what they wear, what they drive and who they date. Another facet of celebrities that garnishes tons of public attention is the way their bodies look. When a celeb suddenly loses weight, Americans not only notice but they waste no time in making (often incorrect) assumptions about how that weight loss must have occurred.

Celebrity Case Studies

There were several big celebrity weight loss stories in 2013, but two celebs at the top of the list are Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian. Both lost substantial weight in 2013, and the rumor mills were churning out conclusions as to how they could have possibly achieved those body transformations. Both women were accused by tabloid magazines of having several procedures, particularly liposuction, in order to lose weight. They each denied those rumors, claiming they lost the weight the “old fashioned way,” by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Lipo Is Not for Weight Loss

Both Christina and Kim have the right idea. Liposuction can improve body contours and proportions by removing specific fat deposits that are unresponsive to diet and exercise, but it’s not a solution for substantial weight loss. Instead, the goal of lipo is to fine-tune the silhouettes of men and women who are already at a healthy weight. While liposuction can undoubtedly slim and smooth problem areas in an otherwise toned physique, patients who want to lose more than a few pounds should remember that there’s no substitute for a healthy lifestyle that incorporates eating healthy and staying active…not even for celebrities.

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