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Should You Bring a Vision Board to Your Plastic Surgery Consult?

Woman writing on her plastic surgery vision board at her desk with a mug.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to your plastic surgery consult, it might be worth even more. Ultimately, when it comes to physical changes, your words can only express so much.

At the same time, there may not be a single photo or before and after photo set that encompasses all the specific changes you wish to make. In this case, the correct solution could be to create a plastic surgery vision board.

When a Vision Board Is Needed

You can bring photos to a plastic surgery consult for any surgery. However, the vision board is more than just a picture or two. It is multiple photos from various angles, with and without clothing, demonstrating how you want your body to look on its own and in specific outfits.

A vision board can be an excellent starting point for a plastic surgery consult.

Not every photo is about the overall look, either. You may have photos showing the breast size you want, others for the cleavage you want, and others still for your stomach, thighs and buttocks.

If you are seeking a single surgery, a vision board may not be needed. This is because it is easier to find examples of, say, the breasts you want than it is to find a person whose body is exactly what you are looking for in every aspect. But, when it comes to multiple procedures or those like mommy makeovers, you are likely to need multiple photos covering each area you wish to change.

Creating a Plastic Surgery Vision Board

If you have never made a vision board before, start by researching what they are and tips for how to make them. At the most basic, you will need photos, a Sharpie and a board to paste and write on.

For the photos, think about the celebrities and influencers whose aesthetic you most enjoy and that most aligns with what is comfortable and authentic for you. Head to Google and do an image search for them. As you come across photos that showcase their features in a way that appeals to you, save them to your device, ideally placing them in a folder based on the body part you are focusing on.

Keep in mind that different photos might showcase different aspects. For example, one might highlight the breast profile you want, while another will show off the body contours you wish to achieve.

Once you have your folders filled with images that inspire you, you can narrow them down to those that best suit your vision. Print them out and paste them on your vision board, leaving enough room around them to write.

Now that your pictures are in place, grab that Sharpie and start noting what it is about each photo that speaks to you. You can note the specific feature, use adjectives that describe what about the look that you like and pretty much anything else that might help your plastic surgeon better understand your vision. You can even list the specific questions you have.

Keep an Open Mind

Photos of your plastic surgery dream look are important for your plastic surgery consult, but it is critical that you keep an open mind about what your plastic surgeon says you can achieve and what will best suit your body and face. Use the process of creating a vision board to dream about the possibilities, but don’t get too locked in on any one thing. Ultimately, you are a unique individual, and the approach to surgery must be tailored to you, not the celebrities you admire.


Should You Bring a Vision Board to Your Plastic Surgery Consult?
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Should You Bring a Vision Board to Your Plastic Surgery Consult?
Can you bring photos to your plastic surgery consult? Dr. Scot A. Martin of Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces, NM offers tips on achieving your dream look.
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