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How Can I Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Pockets?

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Are you tired of seeing stubborn pockets of fat on your body? If you’ve dieted and exercised, but your body is not responding the way you want it to, you can zap away those fat deposits with non-invasive body contouring.  

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Pockets with Non-invasive Body Contouring

Treating stubborn fat deposits has traditionally involved surgical liposuction. While liposuction is an effective technique for removing excess fat, it is not the best option for small areas of fatty tissue. That’s why non-invasive body contouring has become such a popular alternative to liposuction. 

There are a variety of non-invasive body contouring technologies on the market that can melt away excess fat and reshape the body, without the need for incisions or needles.  

Non-invasive fat reduction treatments may focus solely on removing fat or may eliminate fat and tighten the skin. 

There is often no downtime after these treatments, and that’s one reason why they are so uniquely suited to today’s busy millennials. 

BTL Vanquish ME and ThermiTight, are highly effective body contouring solutions that can reduce fat and reshape the body.  

BTL Vanquish ME – Ideal for Circumferential Fat Reduction

Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy) is a non-invasive FDA-cleared procedure that uses patented Selective RFTM technology to disrupt fatty cells and contour the body. It is a contactless system, which means it does not touch the skin.   

Vanquish ME is frequently used to sculpt the abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, and outer thighs.   

How Does Vanquish ME Work?

Vanquish ME emits radio frequency (RF) energy that selectively targets and heats fat cells. The RF energy melts the fat cells, which are then gradually flushed from the body over the following weeks and months.

Vanquish ME is a painless procedure that requires no downtime. It typically takes four to six treatments to see optimal results, and each session lasts around 30 minutes. 

Results are visible about 2 weeks after treatment, but it can take several months to see the best outcome.   

ThermiTight – Ideal for Stubborn Fat Bulges and Loose Skin

ThermiTight is an advanced technology that also uses RF energy to remove fat and tighten loose skin. It is a versatile system that can treat various parts of the body. Common treatment areas include the neck, abdomen, arms, thighs, and knees.  

How Does ThermiTight Work?

ThermiTight has a tiny temperature-controlled probe that delivers RF energy to the deep layers of the skin. The RF energy precisely heats the tissue and stimulates the production of fresh, new collagen that makes the skin smoother and tighter.

ThermiTight is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. The treatment takes about one hour to complete, and most patients need just one session to see results.  

Changes are visible about 3 weeks after treatment, but improvements will continue over the following 6-12 months as new collagen develops. 

How to Know Which Treatment Is Right for You

Whether you need to get rid of that muffin top or reduce love handles, there is a body contouring treatment that’s right for you. However, choosing the ideal procedure isn’t always easy because it depends on your problem areas and aesthetic goals.  

Some procedures treat all parts of the body while others target specific areas. It’s therefore crucial to consult with a physician who specializes in non-surgical body contouring to help decide which treatment is best for you. 

If you are ready to address stubborn fat bulges that make you feel insecure, non-invasive body contouring may be the solution for you. Getting rid of those unwanted inches may be just what you need to kickstart your healthy lifestyle journey.

How Can I Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Pockets?
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How Can I Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Pockets?
How can you get rid of stubborn fat pockets? There are many body contouring treatments on the market today that do not require surgery to reduce fat safely and effectively.
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