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Plastic Surgery

Has Plastic Surgery Gone Mainstream?

Woman taking selfie

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to stay connected with people all over the world and digitally document all the events in our daily lives. Social media users post photos of everything from their meals to their pets, and especially plenty of self-portraits. In fact, it seems that these “selfies” have led to an increase in plastic surgery procedures for those who want to improve their online appearance.

The Social Media Effect

It’s said that Americans spend an average of three hours each day using social media sites, which is amazing when you consider that Twitter didn’t even exist ten years ago. Fueling the fire behind this boom in social media use is the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone equipped with a high-quality camera. This is where the selfie comes in.

When taking a selfie with a smartphone and posting it online, you’re posting a live, un-retouched, close-up photo of yourself, usually in HD. Many people quickly become their own worst critic after reviewing these photos and begin to develop a mental laundry list of things they’d like to improve or change. Not coincidentally, our plastic surgery practice has noticed an increase in patients saying they want to look their best in selfies and online profiles.

Updating More Than Your Profile

Your profile pics—and selfies—represent your online persona. Dissatisfaction with how these images translate to an online presence is leading more patients to ask for help from plastic surgeons to improve their image. From facelifts and breast implants to nonsurgical treatments like BOTOX®, cosmetic procedures just might be the mainstream answer for truly superior selfies.

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