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Guys, It’s Time to Make Lunch Your Power Hour at the Med Spa

Business man talking on the phone in front of his laptop while drinking coffee.

It is often said that the clothes make the man, but in today’s world, that isn’t quite true. Men are more conscious of their appearance and self-image than ever before — from the quality of their skin to the trimness of their figure. This isn’t to say that every man in a professional role needs to book a plastic surgery consultation, but looking into lunchtime cosmetic treatments for men wouldn’t hurt.

Med Spa Treatments Ideal for Professional Men

Your image is central to your professional success. Improve your appearance without having to break from your work.

We all know that succeeding in almost any professional field relies on being able to command respect. And a big part of earning that respect is looking the part. When you appear tired, sloppy or just older than others in your field, it can leave a black mark on your image.

At the same time, taking weeks off of work to get plastic surgery doesn’t always reflect well, either.

Lunchtime cosmetic treatments for men allow those in professional settings to get the look they need to succeed without compromising their ability to get things done. And you will likely be pleasantly surprised by just how much they can do. So, what are your options?


A non-surgical body contouring option, EMSCULPT®️ is designed to both burn fat and build muscle.
At around 30 minutes, the sessions are shorter than most, making EMSCULPT ideal for anyone who is on a tight schedule.

During this treatment, high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology is used to exercise the muscles in a way that even an hour-long workout at the gym cannot. Results can be seen in just one session, but it usually takes about four to get the most out of the procedure.


CoolSculpting® is an excellent option for men who want to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, but are’t worried about building additional muscle. This nonsurgical body contouring treatment targets unwanted fat cells with a cooling process known as cryolipolysis, freezing the cells so that they crystalize. This is then seen as waste by your body and is naturally flushed out. A typical session takes around an hour per treatment area, though DualSculpting® and CoolAdvantage™ can help to speed things up.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

If your skin is starting to show signs of age, you can turn back the clock through laser skin rejuvenation. In addition to addressing wrinkles, laser treatments can also correct discoloration, acne scars and signs of sun damage. So even if looking older and wiser is your thing, you might still be a great candidate for laser skin treatments.


If your job puts you in high stress situations, then expects you to be ready to close deals and network, you know how difficult managing excessive sweat and body odor can be. MiraDry® uses electromagnetic energy to destroy problematic sweat and odor glands. Through this technology, MiraDry can help to eliminate underarm sweat, so that you no longer need to worry about destroying your dress shirts during negotiation sessions.

Getting the Most from Your Med Spa

If you are uncertain which procedures are best suited to your needs, a quick consultation with a reputable med spa is the best place to start. The team of professionals there will be able to give you direction on which non-surgical treatments will have the biggest impact and be able to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.


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