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3 Winning Med Spa Combinations for Perfect “Prejuvenation”

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One of the best-kept secrets in great skin care is that you don’t have to wait until you see a wrinkle, dark spot or other blemish to your complexion before getting a skin treatment. In fact, many of the most popular cosmetic treatments used to correct existing skin problems also double as “prejuvenation” treatments, meaning that they can help to prevent new problems from popping up in the future.

Even better still, so many of these top anti-aging treatment options are made even more effective when paired with the perfect complementing treatment. Take a look at some of the best combination med spa treatments you can use both as preventative skincare and to treat existing skin conditions ranging from wrinkles to sun damage.


Laser skin rejuvenation treatments are some of the most versatile med spa treatments available. Not only are there several different types of laser and light  treatments, but each comes along with a unique set of skin conditions that it can treat or even prevent.

MOXI® is one of the most advanced laser treatments, offering the unique benefit of being able to help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging before they happen. MOXI works by directing specific strengths of laser energy in a random fractionalized pattern in order to create what are called “micro-coagulation zones” within the skin. This process accelerates your skin’s natural cell renewal process, spurring collagen and new cell growth while remaining gentle on your skin. MOXI is gentle enough to be safe for all skin tones and types.

BBL HERO® is an advanced IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment that uses broad-spectrum light to target and treat pigmented blemishes on the skin, such as redness, dark spots, visible veins and signs of sun damage. Like MOXI, BBL HERO is powerful, yet gentle on the skin, and requires little to no downtime.

When combined, MOXI and BBL HERO offer the best of both worlds: prejuvenation benefits plus the treatment of existing skin imperfections.

2. BOTOX® + Fillers

Perhaps the most classic med spa combo, BOTOX® and injectable fillers offer a comprehensive approach to anti-aging and prejuvenation skin care.

Not only can BOTOX offer a nearly-immediate improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and near the eyes, but this popular injectable treatment can also help to prevent lines and wrinkles in the future.

Pair this preventative anti-wrinkle treatment with injectable fillers administered by an experienced provider, and you’ve got a winning combination. While BOTOX is most commonly used to smooth away wrinkles in the forehead and eye area, fillers are best-suited to treat lines and wrinkles near your nose and mouth, as well as add volume to your cheeks and lips.

3. Facials + Peels

On their own, facials and peels can provide a number of amazing benefits, such as evening your skin tone and texture, imparting deep hydration, smoothing fine lines and clearing acne and other blemishes. But when paired together, these popular med spa treatments pack a one-two punch, allowing you to treat multiple skin concerns simultaneously, as well as enhancing the effects of both individual treatments.

Because facials and peels come in such a variety of strengths and types, there is a winning combination for virtually every skin type and need.

3 Winning Med Spa Combinations for Perfect “Prejuvenation”
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3 Winning Med Spa Combinations for Perfect “Prejuvenation”
What are the best combination med spa treatments? The treatment professionals at MSpa in Concord share three top prejuvenation combos.
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