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Injectable Fillers

3 Ways to Get Bigger Lips

There are good ways and bad ways to get bigger lips. It wasn’t that long ago that the internet exploded with a new craze: the Kylie Jenner Challenge. People would put a vacuum tube up to their mouth and proceed to enlarge their lips. This was an incredibly unhealthy way to plump up the lips. In fact, associated lip injuries were not uncommon.

Three Easy Ways to Get Bigger Lips

There are better ways to get bigger lips. In fact, most cosmetic surgeons and medical spas will recommend three specific procedures that are designed to make your lips look plumper, rounder, and more attractive. These three treatments all take the form of injections—with some variation.

Fat Graft Injections for Your Lips

One popular way to generate larger lips is through a procedure called a fat graft. This procedure utilizes liposuction as a way to gather “donor” material. In other words, liposuction removes fat from somewhere you’d like to be a little more slender. The fat is then purified and injected into the lips.

There are several advantages to this technique. First, it has what we sometimes call the “two birds” appeal. That is, the procedure deals with two problems—getting rid of fat in one spot and moving it to a more helpful location. Patients tend to love the convenience and transformation associated with this approach.

But there are other advantages to a fat graft as well:

  • Results are effectively permanent, once the fat “settles” into place
  • The results look quite natural
  • Results will typically feel quite natural as well

Recovery time for this procedure is usually pretty short—and most of it is concerned with recovering from the liposuction. That makes fat graft lip procedures incredibly popular.

Volbella Injections for Your Lips

If you’re looking for something a little less permanent—and many patients are—then something like a Juvederm Volbella injection might be the best way to go. According to the website of the Minneapolis Juvederm providers at Carillon Clinic, Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler.

Juvederm Volbella is very similar to more typical Juvederm formulations. But there are a few key differences that make Volbella great for increasing the volume of the lips:

  • The molecules of hyaluronic acid that create Volbella are significantly smaller than those in regular Juvederm
  • Volbella also features a smoother suspension, meaning that the end result is able to achieve a little more finesse
  • Volbella is able to achieve to achieve finer results than typical Juvederm injections

You can think about it like this: Juvederm is meant to treat a larger area of the face. But Juvederm Volbella is designed to treat a very small part—the lips. Those very fine molecules mean that your cosmetic surgeon has a great deal of control.

Most patients who get Volbella in the lips will notice that their results look smooth and natural. For lip injections with a dermal filler, that’s an exceptionally (and highly demanded) outcome.

You Can Always Try Makeup

There’s a difference between patients who want a long term solution (even if it’s temporary) and patients who want their lips to look good for one night. If all you want is to make your lips look slightly bigger, then it’s worth bringing up makeup as an option.

There are, in fact, plenty of makeup techniques that are designed to achieve just such an illusion. It’s often referred to as “contouring.” Essentially, you use makeup to create shadows and highlights in a way that creates an illusion of volume. You make your lips appear larger without actually changing their size.

In many ways, this is what lipstick has been doing for years. Contouring simply takes it to a whole new level.

Find the Right Lip Size For You

Patients who want larger lips, today, have many more options than ever before. Hopefully these three ways to get bigger lips will keep you away from the vacuum cleaner (it’s advisable to avoid the so-called “Kylie Jenner Challenge” at all costs). How much time you want to invest in your recovery, how long you want your results to last, and how subtle you want your results to be will guide your decision process.

It also never hurts to check in with your cosmetic surgeon. Lip augmentation is a popular procedure, meaning new innovations are always just around the corner. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to tell you exactly what will work best for you and your lips. At the end of the day, the best way to get bigger lips is the one that is suited to your desired final results.

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