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Plastic Surgery

Your Guide to Picking the Best Season for Plastic Surgery

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A lot of planning goes into having plastic surgery: finding the right surgeon to do the work, figuring out which procedures are right for you, and planning for your recovery are just a few of the things you’ll need to do as you prepare. One major decision you’ll have to make is when you should schedule your surgery. Different procedures include different recovery processes, and each person’s experience will vary. Generally speaking, though, there may be a best month for the plastic surgery procedure you’re interested in.

Fall Is Breast Augmentation Season

Many people choose to schedule their plastic surgery during the fall. Day to day schedules usually normalize once summer is over and the kids have gone back to school. Further, the changing weather often has us thinking of making changes of our own. Therefore, fall can be a particularly good time to have breast augmentation. Having your breast augmentation in the cooler months makes it a lot easier to cover up under layers of warm clothing while you wait for your results to develop.

Breast implants can take several months to “drop and fluff” and take on a more natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Winter Is a Wonderful Time to Transform Your Body

December, January and February may be the best months to have plastic surgery. For many, it’s easier to take off work this time of year and if you already get time off for the holidays, you may be able to extend it to accommodate your plastic surgery recovery period.

Winter is a good time to have facial plastic surgery, including anti-aging treatments such as laser resurfacing of the face, since staying out of the sun while you heal is a lot easier during cooler months. Additionally, it may be wise to schedule post weight-loss body contouring procedures during the winter as well, due to the fact it can be easier to hide out and recuperate from multiple surgeries and winter wardrobes lend themselves well to covering up any post-operative swelling, bruising and surgical garments.

Renew and Rejuvenate in Spring

As winter turns to spring, you might want to consider booking that liposuction you’ve been thinking about. Spring is naturally a time of renewal, so what better time to start getting your body back? Having your surgery in early spring should give you plenty of time to relax and recuperate before revealing your new body in the summer. Further, recovering from a tummy tuck in spring is ideal for some, as the holiday excitement has died down, yet it will be awhile before those pool party invitations start coming in.

Try to Keep It Subtle in Summer

Summertime may be more convenient for some people to have plastic surgery, especially those who work seasonally and are off at this time of year. For some parents, summer might be the best time to sneak in a procedure while kids are gone at summer camp or staying at their grandparents’ house. However, most people find it difficult to relax, recover and stay out of the sun during the warmer months. Therefore, you may want to focus on non-surgical treatments during summer. Keeping up with BOTOX®, fillers and other rejuvenating treatments can fight off sun damage and help you look fresh all season long.

The best month to have plastic surgery depends mostly on your schedule and lifestyle. While fall or winter might be a better time for some people to take off work, spring or summer might be the slow time at your job. If you’re not really sure when you should schedule your procedure, ask your plastic surgeon at the time of your consultation.


Your Guide to Picking the Best Season for Plastic Surgery
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Your Guide to Picking the Best Season for Plastic Surgery
Want to know the best month to have plastic surgery? Dr. David Kaufman of Sacramento reveals which seasons are best for body transformations.
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