Your Face Was a Big Deal in 2020 & It Still Is in 2021

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One of the biggest plastic surgery trends in 2020 was focusing on the face. Dermal fillers and BOTOX® became more in demand than ever. Neck lifts, eye lifts and facelifts shot up the charts of the most wanted cosmetic surgeries.

However, these trends aren’t confined to 2020. As we move into 2021, it is clear that the focus on the face isn’t going anywhere.

Why the Face Was Everything in 2020

Put simply, the reason everyone was Googling the best anti-aging treatments for your face was due to the pandemic-induced changes in society.

This sudden demand for facial plastic surgery and med spa treatments has mostly been attributed to the Zoom Boom. With work, school and social gatherings going virtual, everyone has spent the last year looking at their image on the computer scrutinizing their facial features. And this has given them a lot of time to notice the small things they overlooked before.

We’ve been seeing a lot more patients for the lines at the corners of their eyes, the tech-neck wrinkles on their necks and the frown lines right between their eyebrows.

While virtual life has been a huge catalyst, it isn’t the only reason the face is in focus. Mask-wearing has also had an impact. Since your eyes and forehead are so often all that is visible, people want this area of the face to look its absolute best.

The Biggest Procedures for 2021

Until the pandemic passes, facial procedures are likely to remain highly popular.

Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t going anywhere. This means that the 2020 plastic surgery and med spa trends are going to carry over into this year, and possibly beyond. So, what procedures are likely to be among the biggest in 2021?

BOTOX® Cosmetic

When your forehead and eyes are pretty much the only part of your face that is visible in public, it is natural to want to control the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in this area. BOTOX injections can help relax the muscles in the upper face. Relaxing these muscles can help reduce the appearance of lines as well as potentially stop new lines from developing.

Dermal Fillers

Not everyone is big on BOTOX since it can limit expression, and right now, expressive eyes are kind of important. Dermal fillers offer an alternative for addressing fine lines and wrinkles while still allowing for a full range of facial expressions.


Not everyone is ready to settle for med spa treatments. Some people want dramatic changes. For this, a facelift is the ultimate procedure. Facelifts reposition the skin and tissue to help reduce sagging and folds on the face.

Neck Lifts

They say your neck shows your age sooner than your face, and with tech neck, this is truer than ever before. Neck lifts tighten the skin and underlying neck muscles to help improve the contours of the neck and jawline.

Ear Pinning

Finally, this one might be a bit unexpected, but thanks to mask-wearing, people are giving a lot more thought to their ears. This surgery pins back the ears when they stick out too far, improving your appearance from the front and reducing the emphasis masks place on the ears. 

To learn more about how facial plastic surgery and med spa procedures can help you, speak with a plastic surgeon.

Your Face Was a Big Deal in 2020 & It Still Is in 2021
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Your Face Was a Big Deal in 2020 & It Still Is in 2021
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