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Your Eyes Worked Hard in 2020. They Deserve CO2 Laser Resurfacing.

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2020 was a difficult year for us all, and the results could be felt throughout our lives and our bodies. But there is one spot that carried more of the load than many realize: our eyes. Sound surprising? Well, let’s dive into why this is the case.

Smile with Your Eyes

Our relationship with our eyes changed a lot in the last year or so.

Making eye contact took on a new meaning last year. Starting around March 2020, most of us were masking up every time we left the house. With just our eyes exposed, our ability to express ourselves was limited. Communicating happiness, surprise and more meant using your eyes and brows and hoping you got the right point across. 

This had two important effects. One, we made those muscles and the skin around them work a lot harder over the last year. Two, we started focusing more on how our eyes and brows look.

Zoom Boom

In 2020, most businesses that could switch to remote work did so, using video conferencing platforms like Zoom to replace in-person meetings and team collaboration. This had a big effect on how people see themselves

Looking at yourself on a screen all day makes it easy to notice things about yourself that you overlooked before. The crow’s feet when you smile, the eleven lines on your forehead when you frown and even the dark circles under your eyes. 

On top of that, extra screen time — both for work and socializing — put a lot of strain on the eyes. Whether you realize it or not, you probably spent more time squinting over the last 12 or so months than at any other point in your life. And chances are the skin around your eyes is showing the results.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing for the Eyes 

If you are unhappy with the way your eyes look, you aren’t alone. You also aren’t without options. There are plenty of ways you can rejuvenate your skin and help your eyes shine. 

One of the best? CO2 laser resurfacing.

This treatment involves directing short, pulsating beams of light onto damaged skin. This can be done anywhere on the face, but it is particularly great for the eye area since the skin is sensitive there and the CO2 laser is gentler than most other options. 

After the treatment, new skin cells grow and collagen development is encouraged. This results in renewed skin that is healthier and plumper, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and helping to reduce signs of puffiness and under-eye bags. 

In fact, CO2 laser resurfacing is particularly great under the eyes. This is because it can address all the most common concerns for this area: lines, wrinkles and discoloration. It is also a type of laser that doesn’t penetrate too deeply — a pretty important feature when working with thin under-eye skin. 

If you are unhappy with the appearance of the skin on your face or around your eyes, you don’t need to just throw in the towel and deal with it. CO2 laser skin resurfacing can help you revitalize your appearance and boost your confidence. And after 2020, don’t you deserve a little treat?

Your Eyes Worked Hard in 2020. They Deserve CO2 Laser Resurfacing.
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Your Eyes Worked Hard in 2020. They Deserve CO2 Laser Resurfacing.
Treat yourself to CO2 laser resurfacing under the eyes. Board-certified laser technician Caroll Delo at Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa explains why.
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