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Your Cheat Sheet to Create a Sleeker Body with Lipo

These days it’s not uncommon for people to have frustrations with their bodies, including the usual culprits like love handles, muffin tops or thick thighs. As much as you want that magic potion that will make those problems simply disappear, unfortunately there isn’t one.

Liposuction steps in where magic potions fail to directly eliminate common problem spots. Following these insider tips can help ensure that you see the best possible body contouring results.

Look Great and Feel Better

Achieving the best benefits of liposuction is certainly dependent on the skill of your plastic surgeon, but you also have a job to do. You’re likely to reap the most reward from your lipo if you are already in good shape and within about 10 pounds of your ideal weight.

   If diet and exercise are getting you in shape but still leaving some unwanted bulges, liposuction can help sculpt the body you want.

Remember that while lipo removes fat cells, those that remain can still grow. You want to maintain that new contour, so continue (or start) that healthy diet and exercise routine.

Lipo Plus+

Another way to maximize the benefits of liposuction is to combine it with other procedures. For example, adding liposuction to your breast reduction could enhance your results, as there are often additional fatty deposits near the armpits. The is also a procedure called a no-drain tummy tuck, which is a combined lipo plus tummy tuck. This combination can result in a more contoured look and slimmer waistline.

Talk with your plastic surgeon to see what procedures can give you the sleeker body you want. Liposuction is not a magic potion, but the benefits can be plentiful.

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