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Will You Regret Not Adding Breast Implants to Your Mommy Makeover?

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Pregnancy and childbirth can be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences for a woman. However, the changes to a woman’s body during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can leave many women missing their pre-pregnancy curves and confidence.

A mommy makeover offers a combination of procedures that can rejuvenate the body, giving you back your figure and confidence. But are breast implants a necessary part of a mommy makeover? Will you regret not adding implants?

While many women do add breast augmentation with a mommy makeover, every mommy makeover is unique to each woman, and YOU choose what is best to help you achieve your goals.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is one of the most popular combination plastic surgery techniques performed today. This unique procedure combines many different body contouring techniques designed to address many of the physical changes that occur after pregnancy. What makes a mommy makeover so popular is its versatility and ability to custom tailor procedures to a woman’s unique needs.

The most common procedures chosen for a mommy makeover typically address the abdomen and breasts, but women can also address contours in other areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, buttocks and face. A mommy makeover targets those areas where pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and even aging have taken away the body contours you desire.

You Choose What Works Best for Your Body

A mommy makeover works best for women who have completed their family and are at or near their ideal body weight. Mommy makeover procedures work to target changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and aging. In many cases, procedures focus on the breasts and tummy, allowing the surgeon to slim the waistline and give your breasts a youthful appearance once again. The most common mommy makeover procedures include:

  • Tummy Tuck – As your belly grows during pregnancy, your skin and muscles must stretch to accommodate the growing baby. Unfortunately, the skin and muscles are not always able to snap right back on their own. A tummy tuck allows the surgeon to remove excess abdominal skin, tighten the remaining skin, and repair and tighten abdominal muscles impacted by your pregnancy. This delivers a slimmer and more toned midsection that can last a lifetime as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Liposuction – No matter how well you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, areas of stubborn fat are common, especially on the thighs, belly, hips and waist. Liposuction is able to remove these pockets of stubborn fat, helping you achieve your body contouring goals.
  • Breast Augmentation – In many cases, pregnancy and breastfeeding reduce the volume and change the shape of your breasts. Breast augmentation with breast implants allows you to restore that lost volume and shape, giving you fuller and younger-looking breasts.
  • Breast Reduction – While some women experience a reduction in breast size during pregnancy, others experience a boost in breast volume and shape. This increased bust size isn’t always what a woman wants. A breast reduction allows you to reduce your breasts down to their pre-pregnancy size and shape, something you are more comfortable with.
  • Breast Lift – During pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts increase in volume. This growth causes the skin to expand and the breasts to sag. If you are happy with the size of your breasts, a breast lift may be all you need to remove and tighten excess skin and lift and reshape your breasts.

Do You Need to Include Breast Augmentation?

While adding breast augmentation to a mommy makeover is very popular, it isn’t for everyone. Adding breast implants and augmentation to a mommy makeover is ideal if you are looking to increase your breast volume and have larger, fuller breasts. However, not every woman has this desire, and you should not feel that breast augmentation is a necessary part of your mommy makeover.

The procedures you choose should help you reach YOUR goals. If you are on the fence about breast implants, talk with your surgeon about how you can achieve the breasts you desire and if implants are necessary.

Will You Regret Not Adding Breast Implants to Your Mommy Makeover?
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Will You Regret Not Adding Breast Implants to Your Mommy Makeover?
Hamilton Surgical Arts in Indiana explains how mommy makeovers are unique to each woman and breast augmentation with your mommy makeover is not a requirement.
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