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After Weight Loss Breast Implants

Will Weight Loss Affect Your Breast Implants?

Breast Implants

While you may look and feel terrific after losing a significant amount of weight, you can also be left with stretched-out or sagging skin, and your new proportions may seem a bit unbalanced. This is especially true if you are a woman who’s had breast enhancement surgery prior to your major weight loss. The breasts are largely composed of fatty tissue, so if you experience a dramatic loss in body fat, your breasts can show the effects of this as well, even if you have implants.

A New Breast Shape for Your New Look

Not every woman is at her perfect goal weight when she elects for breast enhancement surgery. If you’re one of the women who has lost weight drastically post surgery, there are a few reasons you may want to update your implants after weight loss.

When you originally had breast augmentation, you likely chose an implant size that was proportionate to your body. Now, with your weight loss, you may be left feeling that your implants don’t match your new physique. After you’ve worked hard to lose the weight, embrace the new you by choosing an implant size and shape that works with your new body shape.

Losing weight also affects your natural breast tissue, which is mainly comprised of fatty deposits. Some women may feel that their implants don’t match their cosmetic goals after losing the extra coverage provided by breast tissue, or may feel as if there’s been a shift in implant position. By scheduling a post-weight loss breast implant revision surgery, you can choose an implant size, shape and profile that works best for how your body looks now—slim, sleek and beautiful.

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