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Will Weight Gain after a Tummy Tuck Ruin Your Results?

Tummy Tuck

You’ve done all of the necessary research for a tummy tuck and planned your procedure with great care and precision. You’ve learned about the benefits, the expected results and the tricks for an easier tummy tuck recovery. But in the back of your mind, you may not feel ready to pass up on occasional indulgences. The key to maintaining your tummy tuck results lies in understanding how weight gain can affect your post-tummy tuck figure.

A Tummy Tuck Does Not Prevent Weight Gain

It’s important for every person considering abdominoplasty to understand that the procedure does not prevent weight gain. While a tummy tuck can be an excellent option for slimming down and contouring your midsection, your body will still respond to changes in your diet, lifestyle, age, hormones and pregnancy.

When to Worry

While the people who see the best and most long-lasting tummy tuck results are usually those who are able to maintain a stable weight, not everyone can manage their weight perfectly. Slight weight fluctuations of 5 to 15 pounds are unlikely to significantly change or ruin the results of your procedure. However, substantial weight gain will likely affect your midsection. Everyone stores weight in different places and the abdomen is one of the most common areas to store excess fat, even if you’ve had a tummy tuck.

Maintaining Your Results

Gaining an amount of weight that would ruin your tummy tuck results is usually preventable. Continue to maintain a healthy diet and practice an active lifestyle. As long as you limit fatty foods or other indulgences most of the time, an occasional splurge or “cheat day” is unlikely to affect your results.

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