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Breast Reconstruction

Will My Reconstructed Breasts Feel Real?

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One of the primary concerns for many women who are facing reconstruction is the question of how their breasts will not only look after surgery, but how they’ll feel. The truth is, your final result may vary somewhat depending on which reconstruction technique your doctor recommends.

Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction that uses breast implants to form the foundational shape of the new breast is currently the most popular approach to reconstruction after mastectomy. Since the majority of existing breast tissue is removed during a mastectomy, the type of implant used has a major impact on how your final results will feel. Gummy bear implants, which closely mimic the texture of an organic breast, can create very natural-feeling results compared to saline or even standard silicone gel implants.

Tissue-Based Reconstruction

The other option in reconstruction is flap-based reconstruction, where the breast mound is reshaped using the patient’s own muscle and tissue. This is most commonly taken from the abdomen (TRAM flap or DIEP flap) but can also be taken from behind the shoulder (Lat flap). Tissue-based reconstruction is incredibly complex, and not every woman is a candidate. In some cases, the tissue may be combined with an implant for the best results.

Making the Best Choice

The decision of which type of breast reconstruction is right for you is a multifaceted one that depends on a number of factors, not least of which is deciding what’s best for your overall health if further cancer treatments are needed. However, today’s advanced surgical techniques have gone a long way toward ensuring more natural looking and feeling breast reconstruction results than at any other time in history.

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