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Cellulite Treatment Liposuction

Will Liposuction “Cure” Cellulite?


Cellulite is a problem that every woman who has it wants to get rid of. Though there no proven, guaranteed-permanent “cure” for cellulite, certain patients can get dramatic improvements from liposuction. This procedure involves surgically removing excess fat, which without treatment can dimple and worsen the appearance of cellulite.

Every patient is different, and what kind of results are possible will depend on where your cellulite is located (certain areas of the thighs are less ideal for this procedure). However, depending on your specific tissues, an experienced surgeon can often smooth and remove excess fatty tissue and correct a cottage-cheese look at the same time.

During the liposuction procedure, the surgeon inserts a thin tube (or “cannula”) below the skin to remove fat. Cellulite appears because of excess fat trapped between tightened tissue fibers; the procedure will impact the fat but not the fibers, so liposuction can improve cellulite, but not completely remove it from the body. Most modern techniques involve “tumescing” the fatty tissue by injecting it with a sterile water solution before removing it, which makes it easier to remove gently and smoothly. Laser-assisted liposuction enhances the procedure even further, using gentle laser heat to liquefy the fat for smoother removal. One benefit of the laser procedure is that it stimulates and softens tissues outside and inside the fat, and may help smooth the results further than normal techniques do.

Surgical skill is the most important factor to consider if you are considering how liposuction may change the look of your cellulite. An excellent surgeon should be able to create results that improve shape and smoothness both, but unskilled surgeons and older techniques create tissue damage that makes results look less smooth and tight, instead of more.

Always consult your doctor about your liposuction options, expectations, and techniques best suited to your shape, and weigh the benefits and disadvantages carefully before going ahead with liposuction to correct cellulite.

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