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Will Breast Implants Always Be Better than Fat Transfer?

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With many people looking for more natural alternatives for everything, plastic surgery is no different. Therefore, more and more patients are asking about fat transfers when it comes to breast enhancement. While this procedure may be more natural than traditional breast augmentation with implants, it does not provide the same results that people looking for breast enhancement often hope to achieve. 

Here we look at fat transfer vs. breast implants and the reasons why breast implants are often the best breast augmentation option.

What is a Fat Transfer Augmentation?

A fat transfer augmentation is a procedure that uses liposuction to remove fat from areas of the body, such as the buttocks and thighs, and reinject that fat into the breast area. This procedure can add minimal volume and provide some shaping to the breast using natural tissue. 

However, fat that is transferred to another area requires fat to adhere to in order to survive and, in many cases, the transferred fat dies and is absorbed by the body. This makes it nearly impossible to provide an exact volume increase such as you can with a breast implant. In addition, when these fat cells die, they can contribute to calcification spots that can hinder mammograms.

When Can a Fat Transfer Be Beneficial?

If you are looking to increase breast size and volume, a fat transfer is unlikely to do the job you hope it will. However, fat transfers can be beneficial in other scenarios. For example, if you are happy with your breast size, but your breasts are uneven, a fat transfer may provide a way to even out their appearance. Fat transfers are also great to provide volume filling in areas of breast distortion following a lumpectomy.

A fat transfer is often a beneficial addition to a traditional breast augmentation with breast implants.

In addition, a fat transfer can be useful in addition to traditional breast implant placement. For example, women with small, slender frames often feel that their implants look fake and unnatural. The addition of a fat transfer can help add subtle amounts of volume around the edges of the implants, giving them a more natural appearance. 

Breast Implants are the Better Option for Breast Size and Volume Increases

If you are looking to increase your breast size and volume, breast implants remain the best and safest way to achieve those goals. A good surgeon can use implants to boost your volume and size while still achieving a natural look and feel. Thanks to advances in breast implant technology, complications are minimal, and your results can last for 10-15 years or more.

Which Procedure Will Help You Meet Your Goals?

If your goal is a natural looking breast augmentation, a skilled surgeon can provide that with breast implants. The implants allow you to determine your breast size and shape, while still maintaining a natural appearance. If, however, you are simply looking to even out your current breasts and simply enhance their shape, a fat transfer may be all you need to achieve your desired results.


Will Breast Implants Always Be Better than Fat Transfer?
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Will Breast Implants Always Be Better than Fat Transfer?
Dr. Joseph Castellano in Tampa, Florida explains the difference between fat transfer augmentation and traditional breast augmentation with implants.
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