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Will a Tummy Tuck Last Forever?

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Tummy tucks are becoming a more popular procedure in the list of cosmetic surgeries that are performed within Australia, and indeed, all over the world. But for people thinking about undergoing a tummy tuck there will likely be that niggling question in the back of your mind: “Will this tummy tuck last?”

We all want our cosmetic surgeries to last forever. However, as you well know, our bodies have this funny habit of changing over time. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, either through diet, surgery, or from having a baby, you will have noticed the change. Your skin may not have bounced back into place as you’d imagined and may be loose and saggy. If you’re over the age of 25, then you might have noticed that your skin is not as plump as it used to be, and might be getting wrinkles and falling. If you’ve gained weight, then you might have noticed fat deposits where you didn’t really expect them and/or stretch marks.

Because our bodies change over time, so too can the effects of our surgeries. Areas where we have had surgery are not immune to the effects of gaining and losing weight, or to the effects of aging.

What Does a Tummy Tuck Do?

If you have a tummy tuck, then afterwards you will have a smooth, flat stomach, without excess baggy, wrinkling or sagging skin in the area, and free of that tummy bulge.

You will feel refreshed and renewed, and your belly will look far more youthful than before you undergo surgery. The scars from a tummy tuck go under your underwear line, and so people who don’t know you will never guess that you’ve had a tummy tuck – even if you’re at the beach.

This can last for as many years as you keep in shape for. Let’s read on a little about who gets tummy tucks and how long they will last for each case.

Tummy Tucks for Women after Pregnancy

Many women, especially older women, after losing their pregnancy weight, may notice fatty deposits where they never had them before, stretch marks, and/or loose or baggy skin around the belly. A tummy tuck can help remove the excess fat, excess skin, and stretch marks, to give you a youthful stomach once more. It can take you back to as close to your pre-baby body as possible. It can also bring your stomach muscles back together if they have separated during pregnancy – a common occurrence.

However, if, after having another tummy tuck, you have another baby, then you may see the same results again afterwards. This is why it is important to put off having a tummy tuck until you are sure that you are finished having children to ensure that your tummy tuck lasts and that you do not need to undergo another one.

Tummy Tucks for Those Whom Have Lost a Lot of Weight

A tummy tuck after you’ve lost a lot of weight, either through diet and exercise, or through surgery, usually involves a little bit of liposuction and an extensive amount of removal of excess skin.

If you do not put the weight that you have lost back on, then your tummy tuck will likely last a lifetime. Those that regain some or all the weight may require revision surgery sometime later down the track.

A tummy tuck will not help you lose weight and will not prevent future weight gain. The main thing to remember if you have a tummy tuck is that if you regain and lose a significant amount of weight again in the tummy section, that you might need to undergo another tummy tuck if you find yourself again with excess fat and/or loose or baggy skin in the area.

You can avoid the chance of this happening by staying fit and healthy, keeping your stomach muscles strong, and avoiding putting on weight in the midsection if at all possible.

Tummy tucks don’t just remove fat forever. If you start building more fat cells again, then your stomach will get bigger again. A tummy tuck is not a forever fix, unless you are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle after surgery. With a balanced lifestyle, you can expect the results of your surgery to last forever.

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