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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Will a Nose Job Improve Your Profile Pic?

Technology is changing the world in a multitude of ways, including affecting our perceptions of ourselves. We live in a world where everybody and their dog carries around high-resolution cameras on their phones, which naturally leads to more online photos of ourselves put on display.

Dozens upon dozens of facial photos spread across the Internet may not seem like a problem for those blessed with Adonis-like facial symmetry, but the rest of us lowly mortals are stuck viewing our crooked noses and lopsided ears from more angles than we ever wanted.

For many, more “selfies” just means more opportunities for highlighting our facial flaws, emphasizing our imperfections more than ever. This is creating a cosmetic surgery boom among those patients who are interested in giving their profile picture a new edge.

Self-Image in the Digital Age

In old days (that is, sometime before computers but after dinosaurs), folks didn’t have to worry as much about how they looked. Or at the very least, they didn’t have constant reminders of every bad hair day thrown in their faces…not to mention and shared among every casual acquaintance they’ve ever met. Today, with nearly a billion people use some form of social media, there’s nowhere to hide from last week’s unflattering pose.

Whether it’s from a crooked nose, weak jawlines or asymmetrical ears, many people have facial issues that make them cringe. And worse, these insecurities over facial features are thrust forward into the spotlight with every new photo taken. If you feel like cosmetic surgery could help, maybe it’s time to finally call that rhinoplasty specialist and give your online presence that fresh start you’ve been wishing for.

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