Why You’re Going to Want to Try a Microtreatment

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They say we have an internal age and an external age. Internally, we can feel 25 for life. Externally, time marches on. 

No matter how well you care for your health and skin, the effects of gravity will show themselves eventually. Luckily, there are nonsurgical cosmetic microtreatments that can roll back the clock a bit and ward off signs of aging. 

What Are Microtreatments?

The term microtreatment, often used interchangeably with med spa treatment, denotes cosmetic procedures that do not require surgery. Instead, they are done at a med spa center or plastic surgeon’s office without the need for anything more than local anesthesia — and often without the need for even topical numbing creams. 

Microtreatments allow you to change your look without surgery or significant downtime.

These procedures require little to no downtime. In many cases, patients can get the treatment done on their lunch break and head right back to work, without anyone being aware work has been done. Microtreatments are particularly popular with Millennials as a preventative measure against aging. 

Why Go Micro?

Ultimately, nothing will make as big of an impact as facial plastic surgery. So what are the benefits of micro top anti-aging treatments over plastic surgery?

  • Non-Invasive: With microtreatments, the most invasive it gets is an injection. 
  • Minimal Recovery: Most microtreatments have no recovery period, but for certain skin treatments, patients may need 5-7 days at home to let their skin heal. Surgery often has a 6-8 week recovery period. 
  • Cost Effective: While surgery may be more affordable when looking decades out, microtreatments are much more affordable in the short term. 
  • Natural Results: Because microtreatments make smaller changes than surgery, it looks more natural to those around you and allows for discreet treatment.
  • Pampering Experience: While surgery is uncomfortable, microtreatments are done in a spa environment and focus on pampering in addition to aesthetic changes. 

Which Microtreatments Are Best?

Ultimately, there are no microtreatments that are universally the best. To get the right treatments for you, you’ll need to sit down with an expert, such as a facial plastic surgeon, and discuss your goals. However, the following options are among the most in-demand anti-aging treatments.


BOTOX® has long been one of the top anti-aging treatments. However, “baby” BOTOX is a little different. It uses fewer units of BOTOX than traditional treatment, allowing for more subtle results and greater facial expression, all while still helping the patient look younger. 

Chemical Peels

While this microtreatment does require some downtime due to skin redness and peeling, you can still work from home and take care of your household tasks — unlike with surgery. Chemical peels can be customized in their strength, allowing you to make as subtle of a change as you want. 


This med spa treatment is a great option for those wanting steady, natural results. Microneedling triggers increased collagen and elastin production, allowing your body to increase facial volume over a period of weeks.

Of course, microtreatments aren’t always the best choice. If you want dramatic changes, surgery is likely the best course of action. But there’s no reason you can’t stick with microtreatments for now and switch to surgery when the time is right. 

Why You’re Going to Want to Try a Microtreatment
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Why You’re Going to Want to Try a Microtreatment
Want a top anti-aging treatment? Dr. Reo Pugao of Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces suggests some of the best microtreatments for your face.
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