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Why You Shouldn’t Need the “Marble Trick” Post-Tummy Tuck?

Your new belly button is a part of your tummy tuck procedure, so when you’re looking at your post-op results, it’s tempting to inspect its every contour. But before you go using the “marble trick” to reshape your navel, consider how your tummy has healed and what you really want your belly button to look like.

Consider Good-Looking Belly Buttons

Before you go stretching your belly button with a marble, consider what actually makes for a good-looking belly button. It’s probably not a perfectly round, deep circle. In fact, research has shown that the ideal navel is small, vertical and has a little flap or hood at the top.

Put the Marble Down

In the time it takes your tummy tuck to heal, your belly button will take on several shapes. Wait it out to see the final results.

First things first: you don’t need a marble to make your belly button look good. The “marble trick” is used to deepen or stretch out a belly button after a tummy tuck to make it look rounder and perfectly circular. The idea is that by placing a marble into a newly-constructed belly button, you help your belly button conform to the shape of the marble.

But when you’re considering the shape, positioning and depth of your post-tummy tuck belly button, remember to allow yourself time to heal. It can take a few months for all of the swelling in your midsection to go down, which can affect the appearance of your belly button.


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