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Why You Shouldn’t Let a Drain Spoil Your Tummy Tuck

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You want to choose a plastic surgeon you trust and who has lots of experience performing tummy tucks, that much you know. But it’s also just fine to do a little research on your own regarding the surgical technique that will be used for your procedure and discuss your preferences at your consultation.

If you’re getting abdominoplasty, you might want to look into going drain-less. Why? There are a number of benefits of a drain-free tummy tuck, including these five great ones.

  1. There Are No Drains to Worry About

    After a regular tummy tuck, drains are used to collect fluid buildup, called a seroma, which occurs after any surgery. However, this means that you’ll have to not only have an uncomfortable drain tube sticking out of your body, but you’ll also have to empty it and measure and record its contents regularly. Needless to say, this isn’t very fun.

    With drain-free abdominoplasty, you won’t have to worry about the hassles of dealing with a post-surgical drain, because you won’t have one. A special technique using quilting sutures is used to perform this type of tummy tuck, which eliminates fluid buildup and the need for drains afterwards.

  2. Fewer Complications

    It is possible for fluid buildup to occur with a drain-less tummy tuck, but it is far less likely than with the traditional technique.

    Aside from being an uncomfortable nuisance while recovering from your tummy tuck, drain tubes can also be a source of infection and swelling. So when you eliminate them altogether, you also lower the risk of developing infection and other complications down the road.

    Many people also experience less bruising after drain-free abdominoplasty. Plus, you may not have to wear a compression garment quite as long, since swelling is often reduced using the drain-free technique.

  3. You Can Shower after Your Tummy Tuck

    When you have a drain, you aren’t able to get it wet, which means you’ll have to forego showering until your plastic surgeon gives the okay to take it out.

    On the other hand,an added benefit of getting a drain-less tummy tuck is that you’ll be able to take a refreshing shower and get to feeling better right away, since you’ll have no drains to worry about getting wet.

  4. Minimized Scarring

    The appearance of scarring after abdominoplasty is one of the biggest concerns for most people. Luckily, the drain-less approach could help to reduce scarring and create a smoother, more even appearance thanks to the quilting suturing technique.

    Using this technique, your plastic surgeon can attach the layer of subcutaneous fat and skin to the underlying muscle tissue, thus closing the open space where fluid would otherwise build up. Because of this, the tension along your incision is more evenly distributed, which can help with scarring.

  5. Overall More Enjoyable Experience

    While a tummy tuck without drains is still a surgical procedure that requires downtime, most people are ableto recover more quickly and with fewer hang-ups than when a drain is used. In addition, you can expect to see smooth, sleek results with less bruising and swelling along the way.

    If you’re interested in going with the drain-free technique for your upcoming tummy tuck, be sure to choose a plastic surgeon who has experience with this technique, as a drainless tummy tuck does require a bit more surgical skill than traditional abdominoplasty.

Why You Shouldn’t Let a Drain Spoil Your Tummy Tuck
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Why You Shouldn’t Let a Drain Spoil Your Tummy Tuck
Wondering about the benefits of a drain free tummy tuck? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile of Denver, Colorado shares his insights.
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