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Why You Should Give Yourself the Gift of Laser Hair Removal

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If you’ve thought about laser hair removal, the holiday season may just be the perfect time to get something special for yourself. After all, you probably deserve a little TLC as the year winds down. If you’re not already familiar with the process, laser hair removal treatment involves precisely controlled pulses of light are applied to the areas where unwanted hair is growing. It’s an effective, practical and convenient way to say goodbye to the hair you don’t want (along with all those razors and wax strips).

If you need a little help justifying a slight splurge on yourself, these laser hair removal benefits make a pretty compelling case for booking a session.

Laser Hair Removal Is a Huge Time-Saver

Think of all the time you’ve spent shaving, waxing or using depilatories to keep those prickly hairs away. Most people actually do have better things to do. It’s nice to be able to wear whatever you want at the drop of a hat without having to worry about whether you’ve shaved recently, and your shower could be a lot more luxurious without worrying about shaving during it or waxing afterward. Shaving and home waxing can be messy, too. Laser hair removal treatment can streamline your life… along with the top of your bathroom counter.

Laser hair removal treatment can be customized depending on your personal goals.

Treatments Are Pretty Fast

Laser hair removal treatments can address hundreds of hair follicles at one time, meaning that even fairly large areas of the body can be treated rather quickly. Of course, it could take a few treatments to get the silky-smooth results you’re looking for. An experienced, board-certified dermatologistcan help you figure out how many sessions you’ll probably need to get your best results. After having laser hair removal, you should be able to go right back to your normal activities right away. However, you will need to avoid sun exposure for a few weeks.

The Results Are Impressive

You will probably see someimprovement right after a session, and the treated hairs will continue to fall out for weeks after treatment.Most people experience noticeable hair loss in 3 to 7 sessions without the need for further treatment. Laser hair removal can be used on virtually any area of the body.

From faces and legs to toes and bikini areas, people are giving up the ongoing pain, expense and inconvenience of waxing in favor of the laser. And why shouldn’t they? You don’t have to look hard to hear a story about a terrible waxing experience!

Laser Hair Removal Does Not Damage Your Skin

There are enough things out there that can damage your skin. Thankfully, laser hair removal is not one of them. The carefully controlled pulses of light affect only the hair follicles being treated, leaving the surrounding tissue entirely unharmed. As much as it may sound like it, laser hair removal is not painful. No anesthesia or pain medication are needed. For more sensitive areas, a topical anesthetic can be used. Of course, you should insist on going to a qualified professional to ensure your safety and best results.

You Can Still Shave between Treatments

One of the most frustrating things about waxing is that you have to let your hair grow out between treatments. If you have an event coming up before you’ll be going in for a laser hair removal treatment, you won’t have to hide your hairy legs and armpits the whole time. Just shave those areas and wear the spaghetti-strap dress or leg-baring skirt.Shaving won’t affect how well your laser procedure works, as long as you don’t pluck or use other methods that remove the entire hair shaft.


Dr Lynn Klein

Lynn M. Klein, M.D. is a renowned board-certified dermatologist, laser surgeon, and cosmetic dermatologist. She has been helping patients to maintain their healthiest skin for over 20 years. Dr. Klein uses minimally invasive procedures to achieve maximum skin care results and long term benefits, which are the hallmarks of her successful Bala Cynwyd dermatology practice.

Why You Should Give Yourself the Gift of Laser Hair Removal
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Why You Should Give Yourself the Gift of Laser Hair Removal
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