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Why Treating Extra Belly Fat Can Be Good for Your Health

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We all know that carrying extra fat around the midsection is bad for our health — both physically and mentally. What is less widely understood is that belly fat removal surgery does more than just boost your self-esteem. Yes, there are physical health benefits to getting plastic surgery for trimming your tummy.

Tummy Tucks Help With Overall Weight Loss

A tummy tuck combined with liposuction can help remove the excess fat pockets and tighten the abdominal muscles. Limited studies have found that some women experience long-term weight loss after the procedure. While this is no doubt due to muscle repair more than the removal of belly fat, and a tummy tuck is not in itself a weight-loss solution, it does indicate that getting a tummy tuck is good for health overall.

Less Weight Makes Exercise Easier

When you have less weight to carry around, you move easier and feel better about being active.

Whether you remove belly fat alone or also get rid of excess skin, carrying less weight around your middle makes it much easier to run, jump and just be active in general. And as we all know, exercising keeps us healthier in general, improving our circulation, respiration and more.

Eliminating Fat Around the Middle Can Reduce Pain

If you are someone who carries their weight in their stomach, this can result in a lot of pulling on the back. Whether a result of pregnancy or just how you naturally hold fat in your body, the back pain experienced from the excess belly fat can harm your quality of life. Removing fat can help to alleviate this pain, and combining fat removal with a tummy tuck might end the pain completely.

Removing Tummy Fat Lowers Fat in the Blood

Everyone has heard the word “triglycerides” thrown around in commercials and health segments. What you might not know is that your triglyceride level is the measurement of fat in your blood. Since plastic surgery for belly fat lowers your overall amount of fat stores, it also lowers your triglyceride level.

Liposuction Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is associated with pain, heart disease and even cancer. This is why it is good news that liposuction clients have shown a significant reduction in inflammatory markers after their procedures. While it shouldn’t be used strictly to treat inflammation, it certainly is a nice benefit to getting belly fat removed.

Belly Fat Is Particularly Dangerous

Everyone knows obesity is linked to numerous health problems. However, you don’t need to be overweight for your body fat to be problematic. Studies have shown that weight carried around the waist is more dangerous than fat in other areas of the body and a greater predictor of disease development. Removing it gives you a better chance of avoiding many conditions later in life.

Why These Benefits Matter

Getting plastic surgery is a very personal decision, and there is no rule that states you have to get it for your physical health. However, a lot of clients feel better about making the leap if they know there are concrete benefits to their physical health and not just to their self-image. If you are on the fence about getting liposuction or a tummy tuck, knowing you stand to gain more than just good looks can be the deciding factor.


Why Treating Extra Belly Fat Can Be Good for Your Health
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Why Treating Extra Belly Fat Can Be Good for Your Health
Dr. Francesco Campanile of Campanile Tummy in Denver, CO delves into the reasons why belly fat removal surgery could benefit your health.
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