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Breast Implants

Why Smaller Breast Implants Are Likely to Continue Trending

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Bigger isn’t always better, and it seems that overall, breast augmentation clients are in agreement. For the last several years, more modest breast implants have been trending. While there will always be those who prefer a dramatic change, we doubt that this trend towards conservative implants will be changing any time soon.

Motivations for Selecting Smaller Breast Implants

On the surface, it can seem strange that clients are signing up for surgery and not opting for larger implants. Cosmetic surgery isn’t cheap, especially not from a qualified professional, and to some, the idea of not opting for significant volume can seem like a waste.

However, clients who are embracing this smaller breast augmentation trend aren’t looking at the procedure in that manner. Their goal isn’t to get the most they can out of their money, but to get the look they feel confident with. And there are numerous reasons why someone might feel more confident in their appearance with smaller implants.

There are many reasons for women to select smaller implants for their breast augmentation.

Not every client is interested in advertising the work they have had done. Smaller implants allow clients to make a change in their chest size while keeping it discreet. They will fill out their clothes better and look great in a bikini, but most people won’t be able to tell that it is the result of surgery rather than a good bra.

Many clients who choose small breast implants for breast augmentation do so because that is what is most in line with their aesthetic goals. Athletic, toned bodies have been on trend for well over a decade, and even while curvy looks are picking up steam, many still prefer the more streamlined look. Small yet full breasts fit with this silhouette.

There has also been a trend towards more natural-looking results from cosmetic surgery. Since it is easier to fit smaller implants into the existing breast tissue, they facilitate more natural results. And avoiding large breasts makes it easier to continue playing sports, exercising and just generally being active.

Breast Augmentation Is More Than Size

Breast augmentation is about increasing the size of the breasts — it is right there in the name of the procedure. However, that isn’t all there is to the procedure. For example, some women choose the surgery not with a focus on volume, but shape. While they accept increasing volume to get it, they aren’t wanting anything significant.

Then there are women who choose to get breast augmentation to restore volume after childbirth and breastfeeding, to correct asymmetry or gain back their breast contours after breast loss. For these clients, breast augmentation is about aesthetics, comfort and identity far more than size.

Could Smaller Breast Implants Be Right for You?

Whether or not smaller implants are right for you depends on what your goals are. If a significant increase in size is your driving factor, then it is better to select implants with more volume. But if you just want to fill out your tops better or correct something such as asymmetrical breasts, most likely, smaller implants are the right choice for you. Getting the best experience is all about matching your expectations.


Why Smaller Breast Implants Are Likely to Continue Trending
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Why Smaller Breast Implants Are Likely to Continue Trending
Dr. Joseph Castellano of Tampa, Florida dives into the reasons why smaller breast implants for breast augmentation will stay on trend in 2020.
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