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Why JUVÉDERM® Rates as a Top Dermal Filler

Dermal Filler

BOTOX® is a household word when it comes to treating wrinkles. With a proven track record, it’s not hard to see why, but new injectable skincare treatments can offer distinct benefits unavailable through BOTOX® treatments.

Understanding BOTOX®

The primary purpose of BOTOX® is to prevent the appearance and development of new skin wrinkles. After injection, muscles treated with BOTOX® go into a state of paralysis and eventually relax, leading to the smoothing out of existing superficial wrinkles caused by movements evoked during facial expression. Unfortunately, BOTOX® cannot be used to treat the existing presence of deep wrinkles in the skin.


Like BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM® is a wrinkle treatment administered through injection. But it works totally differently. JUVÉDERM® actually adds volume to areas of the face, allowing you to smooth out deep wrinkles and add definition. Collagen is responsible for providing our skin with its natural elasticity, and as we age, the deterioration of collagen leads to skin aging. JUVÉDERM® can replace lost collagen to treat deep wrinkles and produce a youthful, rejuvenated appearance to your skin.

Results That Last

In addition to its ability to treat deep wrinkles, another one of the substantial advantages of JUVÉDERM® is its staying power. Results from JUVÉDERM® can last 6 to 9 months, and a number of studies have confirmed that those receiving JUVÉDERM® treatments frequently report greater satisfaction with their results as compared to other injectables.

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