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Breast Implants

Why Breast Implant Volume Doesn’t Exactly Equate to Cup Size

One of the most hotly debated subjects when it comes to breast implants is over which size is the perfect size. Of course, this answer differs for each woman, but many women may not realize that the answer can also differ between patients and surgeons, even when talking about the same results.

Cup Size vs. Volume

The common source of confusion is that women tend to think of breast size in terms of bra cup size, whereas surgeons conceptualize breast size in terms of volume. While both cup size and volume can be effective methods of communicating a general idea, volume is much more specific when it comes to choosing the best breast implant size.

Another reason that cup size is not the most accurate way of talking about breast size is because cup sizes themselves are not always consistent. A woman might be a B cup in one bra, an A cup in another and a C in a third bra. Although cup sizes generally stay within a ball park range, they are not standardized measurements.

Dr. Otto Placik is presently conducting a study to establish a correlation between breast implants and a novel bra design based on volumetric sizing. While current cup sizes are measured using a single dimension Dr. Placik employs a bra incorporating a three dimensional measurement.

Natural Anatomy Plays a Role

While breast augmentation can enhance your appearance with greater breast volume, there’s no denying the impact your natural anatomy can have on your final results. For example, breast augmentation performed on a woman with a wider chest can look very different than on a woman with a narrow chest, even if implants of the exact same volume are used.

To make sure that your breast implant preferences are not getting lost in translation, it’s a good idea to bring in photos of women who have your ideal breast appearance and work with a breast enhancement specialist who offers you the chance to view your potential breast augmentation results in 3D well before your surgery.

Size vs. Shape

Now more than ever, implants come in a variety of shapes. In the past, limited shapes were available and essentially were selected on either the diameter or the volume. Currently, implants may be round or anatomic shaped. The surfaces may be smooth or textured. Fills may be with saline or silicone. Implants may come in low, moderate, high or ultra-high profiles. If silicone, the gel may have different consistency or cohesiveness. Measurements in combination with anatomical assessments will all be reviewed in order to choose the optimal implant.

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