After Weight Loss Thigh & Body Lift

Why Are Thigh Lifts So Popular?

Thigh Lifts

When considering plastic surgery and med spa procedures, many people first think of the most popular options, such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts and BOTOX® Cosmetic. While these procedures have grown in popularity, more people are also considering a thigh lift as a way to improve their day-to-day lives and positively alter their body. What is it about a thigh lift that’s seen the procedure gain popularity in recent years?

Look Better

As with any cosmetic procedure, those who opt for it commonly do so to look better and improve their body image. For many, that means trimming down the thighs and creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance in the lower body. Thigh lifts are often considered after significant weight loss as a way to trim and tighten loose skin that’s left behind after the fat is gone.

Sagging skin around the thighs can make wearing shorts, a bathing suit or feeling sexy in lingerie difficult, and a thigh lift is an increasingly popular procedure meant to get rid of and shape that excess skin.

Feel Better

Both before and after weight loss, the thighs are prone to uncomfortable rubbing and chafing. Once the fat is gone, excess skin left behind can cause irritation during physical activity. Sometimes areas on the body like the thighs just won’t tighten back up naturally after weight loss. Considering a thigh lift as a way to not only look better but also to eliminate irritating rubbing and to feel better is becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you’ve recently met your weight loss goal or think it’s finally time to do something about the skin around your thighs, scheduling a consultation and talking about the benefits of a thigh lift could be just what you need to look and feel better.

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