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Which Breast Enlargement Technique Is Best for You?

Breast Enlargement

Large, fuller breasts are a sign of feminine beauty, but with so many breast enhancement techniques available, it’s easy to confuse hype and marketing with legitimate surgical concerns when you are figuring out which approach makes sense for you. Here are a few factors I would encourage anyone considering breast augmentation to consider heavily in their decision:
Breast Enlargement

  • Safety: Your choice of surgeon will determine everything about your procedure and your results. Regardless of how popular this procedure has become, it is still a medical process and requires the utmost care, experience, precision, and oversight to ensure the best facilities, techniques, treatment, and results.
  • Effectiveness: There is a big difference between seeking out “the most popular option” and “the option that gets the best results for my body.” Look carefully at your surgeon’s breast enhancement before and after photos, and watch for red flags from informed reviews online. A technique that got excellent results for your friend may not be the best for you – make sure your surgeon is someone who cares enough to help you understand how he or she will adapt his or her approach to your body.
  • Healing time/downtime and preparation: It is important to check whether a specific breast enhancement procedure requires any lifestyle adjustments on your part – both in the short term, and in the long term. Smoking in particular can have a major impact on healing times, scarring, and complications, so it’s a good idea to assess clearly what other healthy changes you want to make to help support your results.
  • Cost: The most expensive procedure may not always be truly the best, but “budget boobs” are never a healthy goal. You are investing in yourself – take the time to plan wisely. Make sure to do your research and focus on quality and safety standards first.
  • Silicone or Saline: Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages,and your surgeon will be able to discuss them with you in more detail. The major factors that guides most of my patients is the feel, and where we decide together to position the implant, but the biggest factor is body shape. A good surgeon will spend some time discussion your options with you in detail and helping you clarify your goals so the results match or exceed those expectations.

Consult with your surgeon as to which breast enlargement surgery is the best option for you.

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