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Which Beauty Apps are Worth a Spot on Your Smartphone?

Beauty Apps

Close to opens in a new window80% of Americans own smartphones and use them for entertainment, business, communication, and other purposes. The apps we download are often free, and can accomplish many tasks for us, or make some parts of our lives easier.

Some of these apps are designed for cosmetic and beauty enhancement as well. Discover five apps for your smartphone that can help you keep your look on point.

Indulge Nail Snob App – Preview Nail Colors and Share

Perfect for people who enjoy manicures and pedicures, the Indulge Nail App allows you to save a color you saw at the salon or online and see what it looks like on your own nails.

There are seemingly infinite colors and design options, and sometimes it can be hard to remember a specific color or brand name of polish. This app solves that problem by letting you scan the color you see at a salon, saving it and providing info. Plus, there’s a social element where you can share the colors you find with your friends.

Find the opens in a new windowIndulge Nail Snob App for free on iTunes.

Plum Perfect App – Find the Perfect Make-up in Seconds

As seen on ABC News, Popsugar, and InStyle, Plum Perfect is a revolutionary app that serves as your style consultant for your make-up. Featuring several modes, the app is designed to scan a photo of your face, and use that info to recommend the perfect make-up that suits your complexion.

Here are some of the features of the Plum Perfect App:

  • Makeup Police – Finds out if your makeup is a scientific match for your face.
  • My Lips Eyes Face – The app provides custom makeup recommendations for you.
  • Girl Seeks Simple – Discover the best simple makeup to match your skin tone.
  • beauTV – Uses your selfie to find the perfect makeup tutorial for you online.

Find the opens in a new windowPlum Perfect App for free on iTunes.

Bellashoot App – Find and Share Your Favorite Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorials have become one of the most popular genres on YouTube, and the influencers and makeup artists who create these videos accumulate a loyal following of people who love to hear their reviews and opinions.

The Bellashoot app is perfect for women who love to explore the many tips and tutorials found throughout the world. The app makes it easy to save these tips on your phone, share them with friends, and discover new ones from the influencers you like the most. Expertly combining makeup tutorials with the capability to share them, Bellashoot is for anyone who loves to improve and experiment with different styles of makeup.

Find the opens in a new windowBellashoot App for free on iTunes.

Virtual Dentist App – Preview Treatments Before Buying Them

Face it, not everyone has the cash for a new set of veneers at opens in a new window$1000-2000 per tooth. But if you’re curious how you’d look with veneers, braces, whiter teeth, or teeth of an alternate shape, this app will show you.

All you do is upload a video of your smile, and discover how you’d look with a variety of dental modifications. Our smiles are a key part of our beauty, and cosmetic treatments from experienced dentists like opens in a new windowDr. Crupi are lifechanging and highly effective. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, this app is perfect for previewing what it’d look like before investing thousands of dollars into your appearance.

Find the opens in a new windowVirtual Dentist App for free or the premium version for $2.99 in the Google Store.

YouCam – Highly Reviewed App With Numerous Features

Cosmetic products can get expensive, and the YouCam App lets you try them out virtually before you buy them.

But experimenting with cosmetic products is just the tip of the iceberg with this app. Here are some of its other notable features:

  • See how you’d look with various types of makeovers.
  • Track and analyze your skincare.
  • View recommended products and see how they’d look on you.
  • Allows you to see cosmetic products on your lips, face, eyes, and brows.
  • View and try signature makeup looks of top celebrities.
  • Experiment with accessories including hats, hair bands, and glasses.

Find the opens in a new windowYouCam Makeup App for free on iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Apps Are Free Tools That Can Help You Perfect Your Look

Throughout history, people have used whatever resources they had to improve their looks and become their best possible selves. In 2019, beauty apps are among those resources, and most of them are free if you have a smartphone. There’s no doubt that beauty apps can help you save time and money on cosmetic products, and they may be the key to taking your look to the next level.

Which Beauty Apps are Worth a Spot on Your Smartphone?
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Which Beauty Apps are Worth a Spot on Your Smartphone?
Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and the apps we use can benefit many parts of our lives, including improving our aesthetics. Discover some here.
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